Gujarat Board (GSEB) Class 6 Science Textbook

For Class 6 students, Science is an important subject, which needs proper guidance and seriousness. So, to help students we have provided the Gujarat Board (GSEB) Class 6 Science textbook. The textbook of Science plays a significant role while preparing for exams. GSEB textbook of Class 6 Science consists of all the topics and subtopics mentioned in the syllabus. The textbook provides practice questions at the end of each chapter, so that students can get to review their concepts. Students can learn all the concepts thoroughly from the GSEB Class 6 Science textbook and then revise it for the exams.

GSEB Class 6 Science Textbook

Reading from the Gujarat Board Class 6 Science textbook will help students develop their analytical skills. Teachers also refer to the Science GSEB textbook of Class 6 to teach students inside the classroom. It is always advisable to be thorough with the textbook because the final question paper is prepared by referring to it. Some key concepts covered in the GSEB Class 6 Science textbook include Changes Around Us, Water, Garbage In, Garbage Out and so on.

Download Gujarat Board (GSEB) Class 6 Science Textbook English Medium and Gujarati Medium PDF

Chapterwise Names of Gujarat Board (GSEB) Class 6 Science

  • Chapter 1: Food: Where Does It Come From?
  • Chapter 2: Components of Food
  • Chapter 3: Fibre to Fabric
  • Chapter 4: Sorting Materials and Groups
  • Chapter 5: Separation of Substances
  • Chapter 6: Changes Around Us
  • Chapter 7: Getting to Know Plants
  • Chapter 8: Body Movement Solutions
  • Chapter 9: The Living Organisms and Their Surroundings
  • Chapter 10: Motion and Measurement of Distances
  • Chapter 11: Light, Shadows and Reflections
  • Chapter 12: Electricity and Circuits
  • Chapter 13: Fun with Magnets
  • Chapter 14: Water
  • Chapter 15: Air Around Us
  • Chapter 16: Garbage In, Garbage Out

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