Gujarat Board Class 3 Textbooks

Class 3 Maths though simple can be challenging for a child to learn. However, the Gujarat board aims to attract more students to the subject. The Gujarat Board Class 3 Maths, EVS, English and Gujarati language Textbooks are very lucid, explaining the complex concepts in a simple manner. Based on the concepts covered under the GSEB Syllabus, these books enhance the learning capabilities of the children. Students can learn all the concepts for the respective subject from the GSEB Class 3 Textbooks very easily.

GSEB Class 3 Textbooks

Here, below in this article we have compiled here the PDF formats of the GSEB Class 3 Textbooks for English and Gujarati Medium. We have provided the Gujarat Board Class 3 books for subjects like Maths, EVS and languages like English and Gujarati.

Download the Maths textbook PDF in English and Gujarati medium from below

Class 3 maths is interesting. Topics covered under it in the textbook are Subtraction, Multiplication, Capacity and more. This book helps to strengthen the knowledge of the concepts that a child learns in class.

GSEB Class 3 Maths Textbook in English
GSEB Class 3 Maths Textbook in Gujarati

Download the EVS textbook PDF in English and Gujarati from below

EVS is an interesting subject and includes a variety of topics such as Life Around Us, Look And Learn, Professionals and more. This book is used to fortify the concepts that the child learns in class.

GSEB Class 3 EVS Textbook in English
GSEB Class 3 EVS Textbook in Gujarati

Along with the Maths and EVS textbooks, Gujarat Board Class 3 students can also access textbook of English and Gujarati language below.

Download GSEB Class 3 English and Gujarati Langauge Textbook PDF

GSEB Class 3 English Textbook
GSEB Class 3 Gujarati First Language Textbook
GSEB Class 3 Gujarati Second Language Textbook

Why Use GSEB Class 3 Maths and EVS Textbooks?

  • Explain concepts in a simple language
  • Make it a joyful learning experience with puzzles and pictures
  • Exercises and activities for children
  • Enhance the child’s problem-solving skills

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