What is the Difference Between Packaging and Labelling

What is Packaging?

Packaging is the activity that involves designing and manufacturing of a wrapper, container, box, etc., for a product. While crafting a packaging material the primary responsibilities like protection of the product, easy handling and storage space should be taken into consideration. Packaging is one of the essential marketing tools, because it gives customers the first impression of the product, encouraging them to buy. In simple words, the packaging is a process not only to create a container where the product is kept to protect it from physical damage but at the same time has to be appealing to attract the customers.

What is Labelling?

Labelling is the display of all the information on the packaging material or product itself. While labelling a product the company has to fulfil and adhere to all the legal requirements like ingredients, nutritional and safety information mentioned under Competition and Consumer Act 2010. Most of the customers make a decision according to the details mentioned on the labelling of the product. There are three types of label.

  • Brand label: This part of labelling gives information about the product.
  • Descriptive label: This specifies product usage.
  • Grade label: It specifies the aspect and features of the product.

This article is a ready reckoner for all the students looking to learn the difference between Packaging and Labelling.

Parameters Packaging Labelling
Meaning It is a process of designing and creating a container for a product It is a display of all the information on the packaging material or product itself.
Purpose To protect the product, product identification, marketing tool To provide product features and influence the customer’s decision
Function It helps the customers’ with the decision-making process To give clear information about the product
Advantages Product safeguard, facilitates storage, helps in the sales process, minimizes adulteration Helps in selling the product by giving a clear picture of the product

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