ICSE Class 2

As students reach ICSE Class 2 standard, they get ready to expand their skills and knowledge in every subject. It prepares the base, which helps throughout life. Students become more experienced in reading, writing and developing their skills when they get promoted to Class 2. The CISCE provides its students with the best education so that they can progress in future. The study materials and sample papers of ICSE Class 2 are prepared by subject experts according to the latest syllabus of CISCE. Students must learn all ICSE Class 2 subjects properly and understand the basic concepts.

ICSE Class 2 Table of content

Subjects in ICSE Class 2
Syllabus of ICSE Class 2
Sample Papers for ICSE Class 2

Subjects in ICSE Class 2

All the subjects mentioned below for ICSE Class 2 students are important to study for the academic year. The subjects taught in Class 2 explain the basics, which will be helpful when they are promoted to the next class.

Social Science

Syllabus of ICSE Class 2

When it comes to scoring good marks in the exam, it is important for ICSE Class 2 students to know their syllabus. We at BYJU’S provide the syllabus of Class 2 for all subjects. Go through it once and know what all topics are there in Class 2 of ICSE.

Maths syllabus
EVS syllabus
Social Science syllabus
English syllabus

Sample Papers for ICSE Class 2

The sample papers of Class 2 ICSE mentioned below will help students to get an idea of how the original exam paper would be. It gives a brief idea about the marking scheme, important questions, difficulty level, etc. So, students must solve these sample papers along with their other study materials.

Maths Sample Paper
EVS Sample Paper
Social Science Sample Paper
English Language Sample Paper
English Literature Sample Paper

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