Press Information Bureau (PIB) - Analysis of PIB Releases for UPSC

Press Information Bureau (PIB) is the nodal agency disseminating news from the Government of India to the media. The releases of PIB are important from the IAS Exam perspective. The Best of PIB releases will help aspirants to understand the significance of a particular issues in news and its context in relation with the current affairs.

Best of PIB

PIB & Current Affairs for UPSC

Current affairs for UPSC Preparation can be extracted from multiple sources. The most reliable sources of daily news updates are usually the official sources of the government and aspirants should follow the news from these sources closely.

The Press Information Bureau, also known as PIB is the nodal agency disseminating news from the Government of India to the media. Set up in 1919, it has grown into a large agency with more than forty offices all over the country. Its press releases give information to electronic, print and new media on the following topics:

  • Government Planning
  • Government Policies
  • Programme Initiatives
  • Achievements of the Government

The PIB also facilitates private media and provides technical assistance whenever requested.

Given the volume of news that PIB releases every day, BYJU’S releases the Best of PIB everyday as a part of the Free Study Material for IAS, summarising the UPSC related news to help IAS aspirants stay up to date on Current Affairs for UPSC. Following PIB releases is very important for IAS preparation as most of the current affairs covered in the UPSC exam is available in PIB releases as they happen. This helps us understand the context of every news item and its relevance in the IAS exam.

What do we offer in Best of PIB?

BYJU’S Best of PIB has the following features to help aspirants with UPSC preparation:

  1. Daily analysis and summary of selected releases from the Press Information Bureau relevant to the UPSC Exam.
  2. Clear and concise explanation of the PIB Current Affairs.
  3. Best of PIB gives candidates PIB compilation of information on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.
  4. Access to related resources for IAS Current Affairs along with PIB Releases.

Why BYJU’S Best Of PIB?

BYJU’s Best of PIB offers ease of preparation and access in the following ways:

  1. Focussed summaries as the topics are carefully selected keeping in mind PIB Current Affairs for UPSC.
  2. Ease of revision as PIB Releases are available on a timely manner and are available for future reference.
  3. Ease of understanding as our experts make sure that the material is structured and written in an easy to read and concise manner.
  4. Free IAS preparation as we do not charge anything for these PIB insights and make them available all year round.

More Press Information Bureau related queries

  • What is PIB?

  • PIB or the Press Information Bureau is the nodal agency of the Government of India, facilitating private media. The information on Government policies, plans, achievements etc is disseminated to the print, electronic or new media by the Press Information Bureau.

  • Is PIB important for UPSC exam?

  • The articles published by the Press Information Bureau or PIB has authentic information relating to the government policies, plans, achievements etc. Hence it is one of the most important sources for the UPSC exam preparation. Reading PIB articles will prove to be beneficial from both UPSC Prelims as well as UPSC Mains perspective.

  • How to read PIB for UPSC Exam?

  • A UPSC Aspirant would benefit immensely by regularly following the articles published by PIB.

    Information should be selectively gathered from the PIB articles and have to be revised from time to time. Here is How to study PIB for UPSC Exam?

  • How to choose UPSC related articles from PIB website?

  • UPSC aspirants must selectively read from PIB articles and make crisp notes for revision. Only those articles that are relevant for the examination have to be selected for reading. To save time, you can go through BYJU’s PIB summary and analysis. Find the daily compilation of PIB articles and analysis at Best of PIB.

  • Which magazines are important for UPSC Exam Preparation?

  • Apart from Newspaper reading, it is good to follow a few magazines for UPSC Exam Preparation. Good fodder points can be picked up from the articles in such magazines which will be of help while writing mains answers. UPSC has also picked up a few questions for Prelims directly from magazines such as Yojana.

    You can read the Gist of Yojana, Gist of Kurukshetra and Economic and Political Weekly – Gist of articles to accelerate your preparation.

  • Which are the best current affairs sources for IAS Exam?

  • Current Affairs preparation is indispensable for IAS Exam. An aspirant has to cover the daily current affairs of at least 18 months prior to the examination. One must religiously go through the Daily News, a few current affairs magazines to be upto date with current affairs. Daily News Analysis, The Hindu Video Analysis, Current Affairs Magazine are some of the important sources.

  • How to make use of RSTV debates for UPSC Exam preparation?

  • RSTV debates gives you in-depth coverage of the important national and international affairs that shape India. It is one of the best sources for Mains exam preparation. BYJU’S provides expert analysis and Gist of RSTV discussions. It consists of a comprehensive coverage of parliamentary affairs, discussions. Read Gist of RSTV Debates to enhance your preparation.

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