UPSC CUrrent Affairs 2016: Comprehensive News AnalysisUPSC 2016: Current Affairs Preparation for IAS Exam: Comprehensive News Analysis

Current Affairs plays an indispensable and enormous part in UPSC IAS examination. Hence, to simplify the everyday current issues and make it conceptual clarity, BYJU’s has taken a step and brings to all the IAS aspirants a streamlined and comprehensive format of UPSC current affairs through Comprehensive News Analysis that will make IAS aspirants life easy who struggle in current affairs during the preparation of IAS Exam.

The Comprehensive News Analysis is updated every day and comprises multiple choice questions (MCQ) at the end, which IAS aspirants can practice every day and try to answer MCQs in short-time which will help them to implement the same in the actual UPSC exam. The IAS Current Affairs are prepared referring various major newspapers like The Hindu, Indian Express, PIB, Business Standard, and other standard resources.

Here, you will find the entire year comprehensive news analysis for UPSC 2016-17 Current Affairs that will aid you in the preparation of IAS Exam.

UPSC 2016-17 Current Affairs Comprehensive News Analysis Archive
Table of Contents: A. GS1 Related: B. GS2 Related: 1. China to build $1.5 billion power line across C. GS3 Related: D. GS4 Related E. Important
Table of Contents: A. GS1 Related: B. GS2 Related: 1. Syria truce deal signed, says Putin C. GS3 Related: 1. Lanba to chair committee of Chiefs
Table of Contents: A. GS1 Related: B. GS2 Related: 1. Groundswell of ire against Norway move 2. Abe offers condolences at Pearl Harbor C. GS3
Proper Current Affairs preparation is the key to success in the UPSC- Civil Services Examination. We have now launched a comprehensive ‘Online
Table of Contents: A. GS1 Related: B. GS2 Related: 1. Remission power lies with State: SC 2. China tests prototype of fifth-generation fighter
Table of Contents: A. GS1 Related: 1. ‘6,117 Kuchipudi dancers put A.P. in Guinness book’ B. GS2 Related: 1. ‘Need to link Aadhaar with details

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