UPSC Cut Off Marks - Prelims and Mains

UPSC conducts the All-India Exam, Civil Services Examination (CSE) every year. The exam takes place in three stages – Prelims, Mains, and the Interview. To pass each stage, the candidates are required to score marks above the UPSC Cut Off that is decided by the commission. For the understanding of the IAS Exam, this article will provide you information on the UPSC Cut-Off marks for IAS Prelims 2019; how is UPSC Cut-Off calculated; and the year-wise official cut-off of the civil services exam. 

Official UPSC Cut Off 2019 will be released by 19th August 2020 (tentatively) as on 4th August 2020, Civil Services Examinations Final Result 2019 has been declared. Candidates can UPSC Result 2019 in the linked article.

Facts about UPSC Cut Off

The following points can clear doubts on how UPSC Cut Off is calculated:

  • The UPSC prelims cut off marks are based on General Studies I only. The General Studies II or the CSAT paper is not counted for merit ranking and is only qualifying in nature. The GS II paper requires candidates to score at least 33% in it to qualify for the mains. To read in detail how IAS Cutt Off is decided, check — How Does the UPSC Decide the Cut-off for UPSC Prelims Exam?
  • The UPSC cut off marks indicate the marks of the last candidate who was selected based on the number of vacancies in a particular category. The UPSC releases the cut off marks for both Prelims and Mains only after the final result of the Civil Services Exam for that particular year is declared.

UPSC Cut Off – IAS Prelims 2019

The UPSC Prelims 2019 was conducted on June 2, 2019, and the expected UPSC Prelims cutoff score should be in the range of 95-100 for the general category. Only those candidates who score above the UPSC Prelims cutoff will qualify for the Mains stage of the exam.

Check UPSC Answer Key 2019 here.

The table below mentions the expected UPSC Cut-Off 2019 for all the categories:

UPSC Cut Off – IAS Prelims 2019

Category Expected Cut Off
General 95-100
EWS 95-100
OBC 90-100
SC 85-95
ST 80-90
PwD 75-78

Candidates should know that cut-off for IAS, IPS, and IFS remains the same.

UPSC Cut off 2018 Prelims

The cut-off marks for the UPSC prelims exam 2018 is 98 for the general category. The category-wise minimum qualifying marks for prelims of IAS Exam are given in the following table.

Category UPSC Prelims Cutoff Marks(out of 200)
General 98
OBC 96.66
SC 84
ST 83.34
PwBD – 1 73.34
PwBD – 2 53.34
PwBD – 3 40
PwBD – 5 45.34

UPSC Cutoff Marks 2018:-Download PDF Here

A general candidate needed only 98 out of 200 marks in the GS I paper to clear the 2018 IAS prelims. If you analyse, this is lower than the cut-off marks of both the 2017 and 2016 UPSC Prelims exams. While it was 105.34 in 2017, it was 116 in 2016.

UPSC Mains Cut Off 2018

The cut-off marks for the IAS mains (written) exam 2018 is 774 for the general category candidates. Take a look at the next table, it gives the mains (written) exam cut off marks in the various categories.

Category UPSC Mains Cut off Marks (out of 1750)
General 774
OBC 732
SC 719
ST 719
PwBD – 1 711
PwBD – 2 696
PwBD – 3 520
PwBD – 5 460

Check the image to get the UPSC Cut Off 2018 (Mains) details below:

UPSC Cut Off 2018 (Mains)

Candidates who scored a minimum of 774 marks (which 49%) in the mains written exam would have cleared it. This is subject to the candidates securing at least 10% marks in each of the seven papers namely, Essay, GS I, GS II, GS III, GS IV, Optional I and Optional II. And of course, the candidates would also have had to qualify the language papers (English and Indian language) with at least 25% of the marks.

The UPSC has also released the total marks secured by the last person in every category. The next table gives you those numbers:

Category Marks secured by the last recommended candidate (out of 2025)
General 982
OBC 938
SC 912
ST 912
PwBD – 1 899
PwBD – 2 908
PwBD – 3 754
PwBD – 5 718

Year-Wise UPSC Prelims Cut-Off (2011-2016)

Aspirants can refer to the table below to check out the trends in cut-off for the years 2011-2016:

UPSC Prelims Cut Off 2016

UPSC Cut Off 2016

Category Expected Cut Off
General 116
OBC 110.66
SC 99.34
ST 96
PH1 75.34
PH2 72.66
PH3 40

UPSC Prelims Cut Off 2015

UPSC Cut Off 2015

Category Expected Cut Off
General 107.34
OBC 106
SC 94
ST 91.34
PH1 90.66
PH2 76.66
PH3 40

UPSC Prelims Cut Off 2014

UPSC Cut Off 2014
Category Expected Cut Off
General 205
OBC 204
SC 182
ST 174
PH1 167
PH2 113
PH3 115

UPSC Prelims Cut Off 2013

UPSC Cut Off 2013
Category Expected Cut Off
General 241
OBC 222
SC 207
ST 201
PH1 199
PH2 184
PH3 163

UPSC Prelims Cut Off 2012

UPSC Cut Off 2012
Category Expected Cut Off
General 209
OBC 190
SC 185
ST 181
PH1 160
PH2 164
PH3 111

UPSC Prelims Cut Off 2011

UPSC Cut Off 2011
Category Expected Cut Off
General 198
OBC 175
SC 165
ST 161
PH1 135
PH2 124
PH3 96

Year-Wise UPSC Mains Cut-Off (2005-2015)

Aspirants can refer to the table below to check out the trends in cut-off for the years 2005-2015:

Year Mains Cut-off (GEN) Mains Percentage of the Last Candidate Mains + Interview Marks (GEN) Mains + Interview Percentage of the Last Candidate
2015 676/1750 38.62 877/2025 43.30
2014 678/1750 38.74 889/2025 43.90
2013 562/1750 32.1 775/2025 38.27
2012 700/2000 35 936/2300 40.69
2011 842/2000 42.1 1090/2300 47.39
2010 904/2000 45.2 1134/2300 49.3
2009 899/2000 44.95 1127/2300 49
2008 954/2000 47.7 1161/2300 50.47
2007 1005/2000 50.25 1210/2300 52.6
2006 975/2000 48.75 1179/2300 51.26
2005 986/2000 49.3 1203 52.3

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  1. Madam/sir,
    here iam looking the cutoff marks for prelims.
    but came to know that prelims paper I and II are just qualify in nature. candidates need to score 33% to 40% in prelims for writing mains paper. if only qualifying is enough to write mains then why cutoff?

    1. Hi Pratibha
      In Prelims, there are two papers. General Studies and CSAT. CSAT is qualifying in nature. However, marks scored in the General Studies paper are used to decide cut-off.

  2. Is cutoff of 33% to 40% cumulative marks scored in GS and CSAT or is it individual? Meaning individually we need to score more than 40 % in GS and CSAT. Same for Language papers, we need to score 25 % individually in both or is it okay if we score 60% in English and 10 % in Local language?

    1. Hi
      You have to score a minimum of 33 percent in CSAT paper of Prelims. And, you have to score a minimum of 25 percent in each language paper, i.e. you have to score a minimum of 75 marks in each of it.

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