UPSC 2017 Civil Services IAS Exam Prelims and Mains Question Papers

The UPSC Civil Services Examination Prelims was conducted on the 18th of June 2017 – Sunday. Those who qualified in both the General Studies and the CSAT Paper were summoned by the UPSC to take up the Mains Examination that was conducted between 28th of October to the 3rd of November 2017. Given below are the links to IAS 2017 Question Paper PDF – UPSC 2017 prelims question paper, IAS mains question paper 2017 and the Optional Question Papers of 2017 mains. 

You can download the UPSC question paper 2017 PDF from the links below:

Civil Services IAS Prelims Question Papers PDF (IAS 2017 pre paper)

General Studies (GS) Paper I

General Studies (GS) Paper II


Civil Services IAS Main Exam Question Papers PDF







UPSC/IAS 2017 Mains Exam Indian Languages
(Compulsory) Paper
Assamese Bengali
Urdu Gujarati
Hindi Kannada
Maithili Malayalam
Marathi Nepali
Odia Punjabi
Sanskrit Sindhi (Devanagari)
Tamil Telugu


Compulsory English Paper

UPSC 2017 Civil Services Main Exam Optional Papers

Agriculture Paper I

Agriculture Paper II

Animal Husbandry &
Veterinary Science Paper I

Animal Husbandry &
Veterinary Science Paper II

Anthropology Paper I

Anthropology Paper II

Botany Paper I

Botany Paper II

Chemistry Paper I

Chemistry Paper II

Civil Engineering Paper I

Civil Engineering Paper II

Commerce & Accountancy Paper I

Commerce & Accountancy Paper II

Economics Paper I

Economics Paper II

Electrical Engineering Paper I

Electrical Engineering Paper II

Geography Paper I

Geography Paper II

Geology Paper I

Geology Paper II

History Paper I

History Paper II

Law Paper I

Law Paper II

Management Paper I

Management Paper II

Mathematics Paper I

Mathematics Paper II

Mechanical Engineering Paper I

Mechanical Engineering Paper II

Medical Science Paper I

Medical Science Paper II

Philosophy Paper I

Philosophy Paper II

Physics Paper I

Physics Paper II

Political Science &
International Relations Paper I

Political Science & 
International Relations Paper II

Psychology Paper I

Psychology Paper II

Public Administration Paper I

Public Administration Paper II

Sociology Paper I

Sociology Paper II

Statistics Paper I

Statistics Paper II

Zoology Paper I

Zoology Paper II


UPSC 2017 Civil Services (IAS) Main Exam  Literature Subjects as Optional Paper

Assamese Paper I Assamese Paper II
Bengali Paper I Bengali Paper II
English Paper I English Paper II
Gujarati Paper I Gujarati Paper II
Hindi Paper I Hindi Paper II
Kannada Paper I Kannada Paper II
Manipuri Paper I Manipuri Paper II
Maithili Paper I Maithili Paper II
Malayalam Paper I Malayalam Paper II
Marathi Paper I Marathi Paper II
Odia Paper I Odia Paper II
Punjabi Paper I Punjabi Paper II
Sanskrit Paper I Sanskrit Paper II
Bodo Paper I Bodo Paper II
Sindhi (Devanagari) Paper I Sindhi (Devanagari) Paper II
Tamil Paper I Tamil Paper II
Telugu Paper I Telugu Paper II
Urdu Paper I Urdu Paper II
Nepali Paper I Nepali Paper II


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