Important Lakes of India [UPSC Notes]

India is known for its diverse natural resources. There are many resources out of which water bodies have a significant hold on the scenic beauty of our country. Lakes are one of the major sources of natural beauty in India and there are many lakes in almost every state.

This topic holds a great significance for UPSC and various government exams in India. important Lakes of India falls under static GK in the UPSC exam. you can check more articles on other static GK topics in the linked page.

Lakes can be classified into various categories:

S.No Category of Lake in India
1. Freshwater Lakes
2. Saltwater Lakes
3. Natural Lakes
4. Oxbow Lakes
5. Artificial Lakes
6. Crater Lakes

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Top 10 largest Lakes in India

The list of largest lakes is mentioned in the table below:

List of largest Lakes(Decreasing order of area covered) State
Vembanad Lake Kerala
Chilika Lake Odisha
Shivaji Sagar Lake Maharashtra
Indira Sagar lake Madhya Pradesh
Pangong Lake Ladakh
Pulicat Lake Andhra Pradesh
Sardar Sarovar Lake Gujarat, Rajasthan
Nagarjuna Sagar Lake Telangana
Loktak Lake Manipur
Wular lake Jammu and Kashmir

List of Important Lakes in India

The list of important lakes in India is given below:

Lakes in India State
Pulicat lake Andhra Pradesh
Kolleru Lake Andhra Pradesh
Haflong Lake Assam
Deepor Beel Assam
Chandubi Lake Assam
Kanwar lake Bihar
Hamirsar Lake Gujarat
Kankaria Lake Gujarat
Badkhal Lake Haryana
Brahma Sarovar Haryana
Chandra Taal Himachal Pradesh
MaharanaPratap Sagar Himachal Pradesh
Dal Lake Jammu Kashmir
Wular Lake Jammu Kashmir
Agara Lake Karnataka
Ulsoor Lake Karnataka
Kuttanad Lake Kerala
Sasthamkotta Kerala
Bhojtal Madhya Pradesh
Shivsagar Maharashtra
Loktak lake Manipur
Umiam Lake Meghalaya
Tam Dil Mizoram
Chilika Lake Odisha
Harike Punjab
Kanjli Punjab
Sambhar Lake Rajasthan
Tsomgo Lake Sikkim
Chembarambakkam Tamil Nadu
Hussain Sagar Telangana
Govind Bhallabh Pant Sagar Uttar Pradesh
Belasagar Uttar Pradesh
Bhimtal Uttarakhand

Lakes in India – Application

Apart from being a symbol of natural beauty, lakes can be of many uses for the inhabitants.

Lakes in India are a great source of :

  • Irrigation
  • Drinking-Water
  • Navigation
  • Livelihood

Important Facts about Lakes for UPSC Prelims

  1. Wular lake is one of the biggest freshwater lakes in Asia and it was formed as a result of tectonic activity.
  2. Upper lake in Madhya Pradesh is the largest artificial lake in Asia.
  3. Chilika Lake in Odisha is the largest saline water lake in India.
  4. Vembanad Lake in kerala is the longest lake in India.
  5. Cholamu Lake in Sikkim is the highest lake in India.
  6. Lonar Lake is a notified National Geo-heritage Monument, saline, soda lake, located at Lonar in Buldhana district, Maharashtra.

List of Important Lakes of India:- Download PDF Here

Practice question for UPSC IAS Prelims

1. Consider the following statement with respect Wular Lake

a. It is located in Kashmir

b. It was created by Tectonic activity

c. It is fed by river Jhelum

Select the correct option

  1. a only
  2. b and c only
  3. a and c only
  4. a, b and c

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