Topic-Wise UPSC Prelims Questions & Answers PDF [2013-2023]

Topic-wise UPSC Prelims Questions hold immense importance to lead the IAS Prelims preparation in the right direction. The prelims exams for UPSC 2023 is scheduled to take place on May 28th, 2023. Revision and practice for the exam with the help of topic-wise UPSC prelims questions will be the best bet at this point in time.

In this article aspirants will get subject-wise UPSC Prelims questions carefully compiled from the last 10 years UPSC Prelims previous questions papers, i.e. from 2023 to 2013.

IAS 2023 results

Note: Candidates can check the analysis till 2023 once the UPSC Prelims exam is conducted on 28th May 2023. We will update you with the latest information on topic-wise analysis from 2013 to 2023 post the UPSC Prelims 2023 exam.

The questions covered are from the following subjects –

  • Polity
  • Geography
  • History (Ancient, Medieval and Modern)
  • Environment
  • Art and Culture
  • Economy and
  • Science and Technology

Candidates will also be able to download Topic-wise UPSC Prelims Questions PDF along with the Solutions given for their assistance in the IAS Exam preparation.

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Aspirants can cover important topics mentioned in the UPSC Syllabus by checking the links mentioned below:

IAS Prelims Questions Topic-Wise Analysis

The objective paper of UPSC prelims carries 100 Multiple Choice Questions covering different topics. The graphs provided below will throw light on the number of questions asked in each topic every year [2013-2023] out of 100 questions. This will help candidates plan well for UPSC 2023.

UPSC Prelims Polity Previous Year Questions Analysis

UPSC Prelims Polity Questions Analysis [2013-2021]

Candidates appearing for the UPSC exam can go through the Polity Question of UPSC Prelims 2013-2023 along with answer PDFs on the given link.

Aspirants can check the relevant links for the preparation of UPSC Polity for prelims exams-

Constitution Questions for UPSC Mains Polity Questions of UPSC Mains
Polity Notes for UPSC International Relations Questions for UPSC Mains
Governance Questions for UPSC Mains IAS Polity Questions & Answers

UPSC Prelims Geography Previous Year Questions Analysis

UPSC Prelims Geography Questions Analysis [2013-2021]

To download Prelims Geography UPSC Questions from 2013 to 2023 with the solutions, visit the given link.

Also, go through the following links to cover the comprehensive syllabus of Geography for the UPSC examination.

Syllabus of Geography for IAS Exam Geography Questions of UPSC Mains
Geography Notes for UPSC IAS Geography Questions & Answers
NCERT Geography Notes for UPSC Exams Geography NCERT Books PDF

UPSC Prelims Art & Culture Previous Year Questions Analysis

UPSC Prelims Art & Culture QUestions Analysis [2013-2021]

Candidates preparing for UPSC Prelims can go through the Art & Culture Questions in UPSC Prelims [2013-2023], answer PDFs are also available.

For a holistic preparation of Art and Culture Subjects for the UPSC examination, visit the links provided below-

Best Booklist for Art & Culture for IAS Exam NCERT Notes: Art, Literature, Architecture And Culture Notes For UPSC
Art and Culture Preparation Strategy for UPSC Art & Culture Questions in UPSC Mains GS 1

UPSC Prelims Environment and Ecology Previous Year Questions Analysis

UPSC Prelims Environment & Ecology Questions Analysis [2013-2021]

Get the Environment and Ecology Questions in UPSC Prelims [2013-2021] along with solutions PDF on the linked page.

Environment And Ecology Notes For UPSC UPSC Books for Environment and Ecology
IAS Environment Questions & Answers  Environment & Ecology Questions in UPSC Mains GS-3

UPSC Prelims Ancient History Previous Year Questions Analysis

UPSC Prelims Ancient History Questions Analysis [2013-2021]

Candidates can go through the UPSC Prelims Ancient History Questions & Answers [2013-2023] on the linked page.

Check out the NCERT Notes of Ancient History for UPSC to prepare comprehensively for the Ancient History Subject for the UPSC exam.

UPSC Prelims Medieval History Previous Year Questions Analysis

UPSC Prelims Medieval History Questions Analysis [2013-2021]

Candidates appearing for the UPSC exam can go through the UPSC Prelims Medieval History Questions & Answers [2013-2021] along with answer PDFs on the given link.

Also, check out the NCERT Medieval History Notes on the linked page for assistance in preparation.

UPSC Prelims Modern History Previous Year Questions Analysis

UPSC Prelims Modern History Questions Analysis [2013-2021]

For UPSC Prelims Modern History Questions & Answers PDF, visit the given link.

Candidates for comprehensive preparation can check the following links to prepare for the History Subject of UPSC exam –

NCERT Modern History Notes Best History Books for Civil Services IAS Exam Study World History for UPSC
Strategy for History Optional for UPSC History syllabus for UPSC Prelims Chronological Order of Ancient to Modern History

Candidates can refer to IAS History Questions and Answers to get clear and crisp answers to every topic that is relevant for UPSC History.

UPSC Prelims Economy Previous Year Questions Analysis

UPSC Prelims Economy Questions Analysis [2013-2021]

Candidates can get UPSC Prelims Economy Questions [2013-2023] & Answers PDFs on the given link for practice and preparation.

Go through the links given below to prepare comprehensively for the Indian Economy for the UPSC exam-

Economy Questions of UPSC Mains Economics Notes for UPSC Strategy And Syllabus To Prepare Economics For UPSC
Economy This Week Best Economic Websites for IAS Preparation How to Prepare for Economics Optional
IAS Economy Questions & Answers  Economics syllabus for optional Important Books for Economics Optional

UPSC Prelims Science & Technology Previous Year Questions Analysis

UPSC Prelims Science & Technology Questions Analysis [2013-2021]

To download the Science and Technology Questions in UPSC Prelims [2013-2023] along with answer PDFs, visit the linked page.

Aspirants will find the below-given links very helpful to prepare for the Science and Technology subject of UPSC Civil Services Exams-

Science & Technology Notes For UPSC Science & Technology Questions for UPSC Mains
UPSC MCQ (Science and Technology) IAS Science & Technology Questions & Answers

Candidates will get all the UPSC Previous Year Question Papers on the linked page.

Aspirants checking out Topic-Wise UPSC Prelims Questions and Answer must go through the relevant links provided below for UPSC Mains 2023 preparation –

Topic-Wise GS I Questions For UPSC Mains Topic-Wise GS 2 Questions for UPSC Mains Topic-Wise GS 3 Questions for UPSC Mains
Topic-Wise GS 4 Questions for UPSC Mains UPSC Mains GS 1 Structure, Strategy and Syllabus UPSC Mains GS-II Structure & Syllabus
UPSC Mains GS-III Structure & Syllabus UPSC Mains GS-IV Structure & Syllabus IAS Questions & Answers 

Frequently Asked Questions on IAS Prelims Questions and Answers


Are 4 Months enough for IAS prelims?

Ans. The examination is very tough due to stiff competition, as many students appear for the IAS Prelims examination. This is an all India level examination, and a few thousand of students clear the preliminary examination. Hence, it is best to prepare for the examination by allotting adequate time rather than postponing the preparation for the examination till the last few months.

Which degree is best for IAS?

Ans. Students from across different educational backgrounds and degrees have cleared the IAS examination. One size does not fit all, hence there is no perfect answer to this question. It all comes down to the interest and preparation level of the students.

What are the subjects in the UPSC Prelims exam?

Ans. UPSC Prelims Exam covers questions from varied subjects like Modern History, Ancient History, Medieval History, Economics, International Relations, Polity, Agriculture, Environment, Science and Technology, Geography, Art and Culture, Current Affairs related to national and international affairs. Paper 2 of UPSC Prelims exam covers mental ability, decision making, logical reasoning, Interpersonal skills including communication skills, English language comprehension skills, Data interpretation – charts, graphs, tables, data sufficiency, Basic numeracy (numbers and their relations, orders of magnitude, etc.).


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