UPSC MCQ On Science & Technology - IAS Prelims 2021

The UPSC Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ) on Science and Technology will help candidates prepare for the Civil Services Prelims Examination 2021.

We have compiled a list of UPSC MCQ to give aspirants an idea about the intricacies of the IAS Prelims. In the list of UPSC MCQ, we have modelled the questions as per the UPSC prelims syllabus.

The download link for UPSC MCQ/UPSC Quiz on science and technology (with answers) can be found below. To ascertain your preparation level for IAS prelims, you can refer to the sample questions in the article.

Also, find the compilation of previous year Science and Technology Questions of UPSC Prelims asked between 2013 and 2020 in the linked article.

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UPSC MCQ – Science and Technology

UPSC 2021 Science & Technology MCQs:-Download PDF Here

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The questions on S&T deal mostly with topics/technologies in the news. Candidates can check the questions given below to understand their types and kinds.

Q. Which of the following genetically modified (GM) crop/crops is/are legally allowed to be cultivated in India?

  • GM Mustard
  • Bt Cotton
  • Bt Brinjal

Select the correct answer using the code given below.(a) ii only(b) ii and iii only(c) i and iii only(d) i, ii and iiiQ. What is “Himawari-9” which was recently in the news?

  • satellite launched by ISRO to study about the Himalayas
  • a next-generation meteorological satellite launched by JAXA
  • space observatory launched by Japan
  • meteorological satellite designed by NASA

Q. With reference to ‘India’s Ballistic Missile Defence Shield (BMD)’, consider the following statements:

  • It is an indigenously developed interceptor missile system.
  • The BMD is being developed by the DRDO.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

(a) i only

(b) ii only

(c) Both i and ii

(d) Neither i nor ii

Q. 24. With reference to ‘Coronavirus’, which of the following statements is/are correct?
i. A new strain of Coronavirus emerged in the United Kingdom.
ii. It was identified for the first time in Wuhan.
iii. India reported its first case of the Wuhan Coronavirus on 30th Jan 2020

Select the correct answer using the code given below.

(a) i only

(b) ii and iii only

(c) i and iii only

(d) i, ii and iii

Q. With reference to ‘Internet of Things (IoT)’, sometimes seen in the news, which of the following statements is/are correct?

  • IoT generally refers to scenarios where network connectivity and computing capability extends to objects, sensors and everyday items.
  • IoT devices and services can serve as potential entry points for cyber-attack and expose user data to theft.
  • IoT amplifies concerns about the potential for increased surveillance and tracking.

Select the correct answer using the code given below.

(a) i and ii only

(b) ii and iii only

(c) iii only

(d) i, ii and iii

For answers to the above questions and more UPSC MCQ on Science and Technology for IAS prelims, you can download the UPSC MCQ – S&T PDF.

Candidates can get the Science and Technology Notes for UPSC in the linked article.

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