Best Economy Websites for IAS Preparation

Economics is not like another subject that you can memorize. Economics demands from you deep thinking and strong analyzing power. In IAS exam from the economy section, you will face most questions from the current topics. Sources for updating yourself are many but only a few will provide you quality, authentic and accurate information. So to lower your stress we are presenting some websites related to the economy.

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List of Economy Websites for UPSC

We are going to present a list of important websites for civil services exam based on its importance in preparation, quality, and accuracy.

  • Business Today: It is the largest business fortnightly in India. It gives a complete understanding of the world of business and commerce.
  • Business Standard: Business Standard stands for reporting that stresses accuracy and credibility. Its contributors include some of the sharpest minds writing on economics and business.
  • Economic & Political Weekly: The focus of EPW is an economic issue but it is truly multidisciplinary. The publication covers sociology, political science, history, gender and environmental studies.
  • Business Line: This business publication comes from the house of ‘The Hindu’ and is known for its credibility.
  • The Financial Express: The Financial Express is known for its excellence in journalism and a commitment to independence and fairness. (Other famous brands from the express group are The Indian Express, Loksatta etc).
  • The Economic Times: This is a publication from the Times of India group and is definitely noteworthy.
  • Ministry of Commerce & Industry Website: Gives you updates on development and promotion of India’s International trade and commerce.
  • Ministry of Finance Website: Updates from the financial sector.
  • Planning Commission of India website: Updates on growth and development.

Note: Aspirants should not get confused or demotivated if they are not able to prepare from the websites. These websites are an add-on and not the source of economics’ preparation for UPSC. NCERT books should be read by the aspirants first and then should be complemented with current affairs.

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