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The scenario that prevails in the UPSC Mains examination is extremely different due to its nature. The UPSC IAS Mains exam is descriptive in nature.  The pen plays a vital role in the UPSC IAS Mains Exam. If one is not using a good pen, it will affect his writing flow and speed. This article talks about the best pen to write the IAS exam. NCERT books, previous year question paper, newspaper, notes are such tools for UPSC aspirant to crack the Civil service exam. But apart from these, Pen is also considered as the tool of UPSC aspirants.

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Pen for UPSC IAS Prelims exam

“Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.”- Malala Yousafzai

Usually, the previous day to the UPSC IAS prelims and mains exam, the aspirants will be concerned about whether our preparations are up to the mark or not, they are worried about the pen they are going to use in the examination. A lawyer has his tongue, a doctor has his stethoscope, a drummer has his drums, and we, the UPSC aspirants, have our pens. For prelims, the pen is used only for darkening the bubbles in the OMR sheet.

The best pen UPSC Prelims exam is a black ballpoint pen. UPSC in its instructions it is mentioned using a black ballpoint pen. In Prelims, exam candidates are supposed to face the objective type question with four options. One has to fill the OMR sheet with a black ball pen or UPSC prelims. Ballpoints pens contain oil-based ink, which is quite thick and sticky. The ballpoint pens are cheap, and it is readily available. It gives excellent perfection while writing. Aspirants should choose a ball pen with a perfect grip.

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Which pen to use in UPSC Mains?

A pen with which you are more relaxed and can write faster with good handwriting is your sword in the UPSC Mains exam. Choosing a pen is very easy, but practising with the same gives you the fruit of success. Unlike prelim, in mains exam aspirants can use any pen.  There are certain advantages and disadvantages to each type of pen that you will want to take into account when choosing your writing instrument. Whatever pen you use, concentrate on the neatness and presentation. One should able to write in good handwriting. Gels are far better than standard ball pens in short writings. But for longer periods of writings, it highly recommended to use Ball pens. Once you choose the pen, you have to practice answer writing using the same.

Here are giving some tips to aspirants to choose good pens for UPSC Mains. The majority fails to pick good pens. This affects their writing speed, flow and ultimately the result. Writing with a good and comfortable pen will improve your handwriting, brings clarity, boost your confidence and score good marks.

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Tips to overcome hand fatigue during the UPSC Mains Exam

The UPSC Mains examination is a 3 hours continuously prolonged examination. One thing that comes up frequently throughout the examination time is hand fatigue. About 15 minutes into an exam, aspirants are most likely to get a dreadful pain in their fingers and hand muscles that leads to sloppy handwriting. This also leads to reducing the writing speed.

  1. Use Lightweight and sleek pens

While choosing pen candidates for the UPSC Mains exam, one should choose a pen that is lightweight and sleek. In the mains examination, one has to spend the whole day writing. The sleek pens are easy to hold. The pen is considered the painting brush of a writer. These two factors help to glides the pen smoothly. The weight of the pen is also a matter. If the pen is weightier, it will cause your smooth writing and stress your fingers.

  1. Use Soft tip pens

If possible, the aspirants should try to choose a soft-tipped pen. The candidates should try to avoid the sharp-tipped pen, which may cause the tear in the paper.  Soft-tip pens that use points made of permeable substance.

  1. Use Rubber grip pens

The rubber grip on pens provides excellent friction and enhances speed. There is also a plastic gripped pen. But the plastic gripped pen may hurt your fingers and at the last minute of the exam, your fingers will get tired.

  1. Holding it at the right point

Holding a pen is an important thing. One should not press hard and hold the pen with your finger. Treat the pen as a paintbrush. Then only one can write smoothly without stress.

If you hold your pen with too much strength, your hands will get painful in minutes. The firmer your grip, the more exhausted your muscles will become. Aspirants need not press the tips on paper. Handle the pen like a feather and write like an efficient officer.

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