UPSC Anthropology Syllabus

The UPSC optional subject list contains 48 subjects in total, one of which is Anthropology. The Anthropology syllabus for UPSC focuses on the candidates’ ability to understand the subject as a science and apply the knowledge to problems faced by the people. The topics included in this subject are related to human evolution, social structures, cultural evolution and development.

UPSC Anthropology Syllabus PDF:-Download Syllabus PDF

Candidates who choose Anthropology as an optional subject in UPSC will find that the syllabus is focussed on issues and topics related to development and Indian culture. The subject might be easy to prepare for candidates who work as teachers, social workers, and sociologists etc. In this article, we provide you with the detailed UPSC syllabus for Anthropology optional and also the UPSC Anthropology Optional Syllabus PDF.

Anthropology syllabus for UPSC

Anthropology Optional Subject has 2 papers (paper I and paper II) in UPSC Mains. Each paper is of 250 marks with a total of 500 marks. Find below the IAS Anthropology syllabus:

UPSC Anthropology Optional Paper I syllabus:

UPSC Anthropology Optional Paper II syllabus:

Anthropology optional should be prepared thoroughly if one has chosen it for the UPSC Mains by studying the previous years’ papers and also going through relevant books on Anthropology for UPSC. IAS aspirants can integrate their preparation for Anthropology optional with preparation for General Studies in prelims and mains as there is an overlap in the syllabus of both the subjects.

UPSC Anthropology Syllabus PDF:-Download Syllabus PDF

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