Is Anthropology a Good Optional for IAS Exam

Anthropology as optional for UPSC

Choosing the right optional subject is a big decision for IAS aspirants. Anthropology is a good option for IAS Exam. But a lot depends on how much the candidate focuses on understanding concepts. Read this article for an answer to, “Is anthropology a scoring subject in IAS exam?” There are a few rules to follow while selecting the optional subject among the list of optional subjects for IAS exam.

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Anthropology optional pros and cons

Anthropology is probably the sole optional in the UPSC Syllabus of which a considerable portion has been cut down. Due to the removal of topics namely Development Anthropology, Ethnicity, Reproductive Biology, Twins and so on, the subject is hoped to be a popular optional for IAS exam like it was a few years before. Some of the reasons why candidates select anthropology as their optional are less material to read in areas like anthropological theory, research methodology, demography among the others.

Anthropology is thought of as an easy subject for graduates of science. The subject is peppered with concepts of science. This makes the subject easier to grasp for science students. The reading material for this subject is also easily available.

Anthropology is science-oriented. So, while answering the question for Civil service mains examination the answers should be crisp and to the point. One should add diagrams and flowcharts appropriately. To write a perfect answer one should have to practice answer writing and get evaluated. A self-assessment is essential before appearing in any examination. The most recent syllabus is more scoring in nature.

According to the trend, many candidates have obtained good marks and gained the attention of candidates to choose the same as their optional for UPSC IAS Exam. But always keep in mind that, if you have no interest in this optional subject and it is judicious not to choose it as your optional subject. The most vital thing while you select an optional subject should be your interest in it. If you are enthusiastic to learn more about a subject and love reading about it, you should definitely go for that subject.

It is worthwhile to begin anthropology preparation for optional as early as possible after the UPSC prelims examination. Candidates should lead a focused, organized study to complete the subject before the Civil Services Mains examination. Similar to every optional subject, the primary thing to do is to know the fundamental concept including vocabulary. An excellent Dictionary of Anthropology and basic books like NCERT textbooks will help you in the preparation.

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