7 Important Strategies to clear the UPSC IAS Interview

The last obstacle for an IAS aspirant is to clear the interview round. The IAS interview is officially called the UPSC Personality Test. It is a test of personality and not just knowledge.

In this final round, candidates have to face questions from the panel members of the UPSC board. In this article, we have compiled golden tips to ace the IAS interview from 7 IAS toppers.

Even brilliant students who perform very well in the written exams are petrified when it comes to facing the interview.

The format is no doubt different, but the formula for success is the same. You work hard and work smart; don’t ignore preparation; you practice mock interviews, and stay calm – you will find that overcoming this last obstacle will also be a smooth ride.

Getting through the IAS Interview is only easy if the aspirants are well-prepared for it. Aspirants who have been through the test and cleared it successfully can throw some light on the same.

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It is very important to have the toppers’ experience to clear the IAS Interview effortlessly.

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How to clear UPSC Interview – Toppers’ Tips

The most important tips given by some IAS Exam Toppers are as follows:

Tip #1: Vipin Garg (AIR 20; CSE 2016)

Prepare as thoroughly as possible. Don’t leave anything to chance just because the interview is subjective. Make a list of expected questions and work on them. Focus on current affairs. Get your daily dose of UPSC current affairs at BYJU’S.

Tip #2: Tina Dabi (AIR 1: CSE 2015)

The board analyses everything related to you – your body language, dressing style, command of your subject, your compassion and sensitivity to issues. Answer questions wisely and only after thinking.

Tip #3: Alankrita Pandey (AIR 85; CSE 2015)

The interview is basically a test of how calm you are. Tips to prepare for the interview – engage in group studies so that you can work on your speaking skills and improve body language. Before the actual interview, drink water and stay calm by looking in a mirror and assuring yourself.

Tip #4: Athar Aamir-ul-Shafi Khan (AIR 2; CSE 2015)

Focus on knowledge, confidence, social issues, hobbies and interests. What is important is how you handle the situation when you do not know an answer.

Tip #5: Artika Shukla (AIR 4; CSE 2015)

Before the interview scan newspapers and the internet for current events related to your subject and speciality.

Take the UPSC current affairs quiz and keep abreast of the latest current affairs.

Tip #6: Narendra Shah (AIR 69; CSE 2015)

In the interview, the board is trying to test your qualities – whether you have the qualities mentioned in the UPSC personality test syllabus. So, confidence is important. Confidence comes from hard work. Hard work is entwined with discipline and consistency.

Tip #7: Shailendra Singh Indoliya (AIR 38; CSE 2016)

The most important thing in the IAS interview preparation is to fill in the Detailed Application Form or DAF. So take the time to fill it carefully. Read more on how to fill the DAF for the UPSC mains exam.

Candidates should start their IAS Interview preparation once they are done with the UPSC Mains Exam without worrying about the result.

Kickstart your UPSC 2021 preparation now and up your chances of clearing the IAS Exam.

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Frequently Asked Questions on IAS Interview Preparation doe UPSC


Q 1. Is the UPSC interview difficult?

Ans. UPSC Personality Test holds great importance and weightage in calculating the final merit and undoubtedly is not a walk in the park. It is conducted by experienced panellists and candidates are bound to encounter questions that they may not be able to answer. The key is to stay calm and focus on the information you know. Emphasize on your DAF as maximum questions are asked from it and that should be a good place to start your preparation for the interview.

Q 2. How can I be confident in a UPSC interview?

Ans. Candidates have every reason to be confident during the Interview as they have beaten lakhs of students in one of the toughest examinations in India and Personality Test is the final hurdle. Focus on your strengths, have a completely positive and giving up attitude. Be humble and understand that you may not know the answer to every question.


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