Meet UPSC 2018 AIR 3 Junaid Ahmad

“I have seen failure before and today, I am completely overwhelmed. This sense of achievement has come with the burden of responsibility”

Junaid Ahmed, UPSC 2018 AIR 3

Junaid Ahmed has secured the Rank three in the 2018 Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination. An alumnus of Aligarh Muslim University, obtained the third position in. Read more to know about the toppers preparation journey.


Junaid is a resident of Nagina in Bijnor. He obtained Electronics engineering degree from Aligarh Muslim University. Jaunaid’s father is a lawyer and a homemaker mother. He has an elder sister who is married and two younger siblings — a brother and a sister. This was his fifth attempt and previously in 2017 he was appointed in Indian Revenue Service.

Preparation Journey

“I had a few books suggested by seniors , that helped in creating a base.” – Junaid.

Junaid depended mainly on internet and also appreciated the availability of free content. To prepare for the civil services exam, the he used to study for five-six hours every day.

Ahmad was preparing for this exam from 2014 and he was disappointed with the initial failure but never lost hope and continued with preparation. He considers NCERT books to be the basis for the preparation of IAS.

He stated that three Success Mantra for the civil services exam that is Aim, Hardwork, handle failures. His strategy was to avoid the unnecessary study materials and save time in that way. He specifically said that the IAS as align=”justify”pirants should understand what to be avoided and focused approach will make the preparation simpler.

Junaid Ahmad chose Geography as the optional Subject for his mains exam. Since Geography had overlap with the general studies subjects it was easier to cover.

Future endeavour

The UPSC third topper said he would now be able to solve people’s problems directly.

“In IRS, one deals with taxation and that is also related to people but an IAS officer can solve people’s problems directly. More than an achievement, it is a responsibility,” Junaid Ahmad

Junaid Ahmad Facts

UPSC Rank: AIR 3, CSE 2018

Attempt: Fiffth

Optional Subject: Geography

Education: Electronics Engineering from Aligarh Muslim University

Work Experience: Currently training as an IRS at a Faridabad academy

Age: 27 Years

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