Square Root Of 7

Mathematics is the science of numbers. It defines the logic of shape of the object, quantity. Aryabhata was the first great mathematician of ancient India. In 1956 he introduced the method of finding square root of a number. However, the square root sign was invented by Christoff Rudolff in the year 1525. A number when multiplied by itself gives the original number which is called as the square root of the number. So what is the square root of 7?

Before that, it is important to know what is a perfect and non perfect square. Any number that ends with 1, 4, 5, 6, 9 in the unit place is called a perfect square. Any number that ends with 2, 3, 7 ,8 at unit place is called non perfect square. Checkout the square root formula by BYJU’S to find the square root of numbers.

Example: Let’s consider number 7.

Here is the square root of 7 simplified:

  • 7 is a prime number
  • It has no square factor
  • It is an irrational number
  • Therefore the value appropriates to 2.6

The square root of non perfect square can be found out by any of the following methods:

  • Using binomial theorem
  • Using calculus
  • Long division method

Value of square root of 7 is 2.6. To find the square root of 7 we can use the long division method which is simple and easy. At BYJU’S India’s best math teachers conduct math classes. They keep it interactive and interesting using videos and 3D graphic images to explain the concepts easily. Hence students don’t lose interest in the subject and keep improving their skills by participating in the practice test and quiz.

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