Difference Between Exponent and Power

In mathematics, the little digit placed above and to the right of any number is known as a superscript. Large numbers are difficult to read, compare and operate because of which they are denoted in the form of small numbers with the help of superscripts. This is done with the help of powers and exponents. Exponents represent the number of times a base number is multiplied. While power is different from an exponent and consists of two parts known as the base number and the exponent. Take a look at the difference between exponent and power provided in the tabular column below.

Power vs Exponent

Power Exponent
Refers to the whole expression representing the repeated multiplication of the same number Represents the number of times the base number is used as a factor in multiplying itself
In \(2^{3}=2\times 2\times 2\), 2 is the base number which is to be multiplied by itself thrice and could be also called as “two to the power three” or “two to the third power” In \(2^{3}=2\times 2\times 2\), 3 is the exponent which represents the number of times 2 is to be multiplied by itself

When the numbers are expressed with an exponent, then it is said to be in the exponential form. From the differences between power and exponent provided here, we can say that an exponent is the little digit placed above at the right of a given number, while the power represents the whole expression, containing the base number and the exponent.

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