Electrochemistry Class 12 Notes

Electrochemistry is considered as one of the most important chemistry chapters for class 12 CBSE board exam. Electrochemistry can be defined as the study of the relationship between electricity and chemical reactions.

Questions from this topic are not only important for board exam but are also repeated every year in the competitive exam. So, being well acquainted with this topic is very important for the students of class 12.

Here the electrochemistry class 12 notes are given to help the students understand the fundamentals of the topic thoroughly. Some of them most crucial topics from this chapter are explained effectively in the links given below.

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Students need to understand all the basic concepts of electrochemistry to be able to attempt any related question in the board exam or other competitive exams. To get more such notes on different subjects and topics, stay tuned with Byju’s. Also, check the video lessons of Byju’s to learn several important topics easily and effectively.

Practise This Question

There were many gas molecules NH3,CO,CH4 and SO2 in a group once. They were discussing about who would be the better adsorbate on charcoal. So, they decided to have race among themselves to prove it as to who would be adsorbed more in the same time.
Who do you think won?