AP Board Class 9 Social Science Textbook

If you find the Class 9 Social Science of AP Board to be more complex to comprehend, here we provide the best resource for students to master the concepts of the subject. AP Board Class 9 Social Science Textbook covers topics like Our Earth, Impact of Colonialism in India, Traffic Education and so on.

Students who have mastered the subject will gain a good footing in higher classes. This AP Board Class 9 textbook of Social Science is the best resource that explains even the toughest concepts in a clear and concise manner. This book is aimed to attract interested students to the subject. The textbook is according to the latest updated AP Board Class 9 Social Science syllabus.  Students can access the chapter wise PDFs of the textbooks and refer to them to revise the entire subject for the final exam.

Find AP Board Class 9 Social Science Textbook-Chapter Wise

Chapter 1 Our Earth
Chapter 2 The Natural Realms of the Earth
Chapter 3 Hydrosphere
Chapter 4 Atmosphere
Chapter 5 Biosphere
Chapter 6 Agriculture in India
Chapter 7 Industries in India
Chapter 8 Service Activities in India
Chapter 9 Credit in the Financial System
Chapter 10 Prices and Cost of Living
Chapter 11 The Government Budget and Taxation
Chapter 12 Changing Cultural Traditions in Europe 1300-1800
Chapter 13 Democratic and Nationalist Revolutions 17th and 18th Centuries
Chapter 14 Democratic and Nationalist Revolutions 19th Century
Chapter 15 Industrialisation and Social Change
Chapter 16 Social Protest Movements
Chapter 17 Colonialism in Latin America, Asia and Africa
Chapter 18 Impact of Colonialism in India
Chapter 19 Expansion of Democracy
Chapter 20 Democracy – An Evolving Idea
Chapter 21 Human Rights and Fundamental Rights
Chapter 22 Women Protection Acts
Chapter 23 Disaster Management
Chapter 24 Traffic Education

Why Use AP Board Class 9 Social Science Textbook?

  • These AP Board Class 9 books explain every topic in a concise manner
  • Complex concepts are explained clearly in a simple language
  • The textbook includes major topics as per the Class 9 Syllabus
  • Textbooks can help the students to revise well for the exams

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