AP SSC Class 10 Science Textbooks

A comprehensive textbook will cover all the important details about your course and also give proper indication as to what was covered for the academic year. When the AP SSC Syllabus is updated, the topics covered in Class 10 will also change accordingly. Hence, we can say that the AP SSC Class 10 Science Textbooks are also dependent on the syllabus as prescribed by the Andhra Pradesh Board.

The science textbooks used for AP Class 10 are separated into two subjects Physical Sciences and Biological Sciences. Find here details about the AP SSC Science Textbooks:

Students can also refer to the ap class 10 question papers from here. 

Chapterwise Details on AP SSC Class 10 Physical Science Book


Chapterwise Details on AP SSC Class 10 Biological Science Book

Students can also download the complete textbooks from the links given below:

Download AP SSC Class 10 General Science Textbooks

Why use AP SSC Class 10 General Science Textbooks?

  • Subject matter experts created these books after much analysis
  • Even the complex of science formulas are explained in an easy way
  • Teachers give projects based on these books
  • Students can prepare for exams ahead
  • Get an overview of the subject that will be covered for the academic year
  • A good supplementary tool to other resources

More details about the AP Board classes and the ap ssc study material can be found at BYJU’S.



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