APSCERT Textbooks for Class 10 Biological science (General Science, Paper II)

Science is another one of the most important subjects one ought to study during Class 10. It is a vast field and concerns almost anything and everything that our eyes can or cannot see. The AP Board Class 10 Science textbook, is further divided into three basic but broad subjects, namely Physics, Chemistry and Biology. APSCERT Textbooks for Class 10 Biology, is one of the two textbooks for General Science Subject in Andhra Pradesh.

Biology is the study of Natural Science or simply anything that has a life. It is concerned with the study of organisms, including their structure, function, growth, origin, evolution, distribution, and taxonomy. Biology is an important part of Science, not only to learn but also to score. BYJU’S understands how difficult it is to find the right textbook pdf among the umpteen available online. So, here we have provided the APSCERT Class 10 Biology textbook in the link below:

Download APSCERT Class 10 Biological Science (General Science, Paper II) book PDF

The chapter wise list of the Andhra Pradesh SCERT textbooks for Class 10 in Biology are given below.

1. Nutrition

2. Respiration

3. Transportation

4. Excretion

5. Coordination

6. Reproduction

7. Coordination in life processes

8. Heredity

9. Our environment

10. Natural resources

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