AP Board Class 9 Textbooks

Do you find the Class 9 Science, Social Science and Maths to be challenging? Well, now we provide you with the best resource to make it more convenient for you. We bring to you the AP Board Class 9 Textbooks- Maths, Science and Social Science, which explain even the most complex of concepts in a simple and engaging way. Understanding this becomes quite easy. These books cover all the important concepts and topics of the subject, as per the latest syllabus prescribed for AP Board Class 9. Students can learn the subjects for the final exams from the respective textbooks that are listed in the article.

Find information about the Class 9 Maths, Science, Social Science, English and Telugu language Textbooks – AP Board here:

AP Class 9 Maths Textbook

These books are used by students to better understand the Mathematical concepts and also to inculcate their logical reasoning skills. The AP Class 9 Maths Textbook, falling under the category of the APSCERT Books covers topics like Real Numbers, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Statistics, Probability and so on.

AP Class 9 Science Textbook

AP Class 9 Science Textbook is divided into two parts, covering Physical Sciences and Biology. These books explain even the toughest of concept in a clear and concise manner, thus aimed to attract interested students to the subject. Students, who are well-versed with the subject will gain a good footing for higher classes and will also do well in the final exams. AP board Class 9 Science covers topics like Matter Around Us, Gravitation, Sound etc., in Physical Sciences, while the Biology textbook would include topics such as Plant Tissues, Animal Behaviour, Soil Pollution or so on.

In order to score high for Class 9, students will need to do well in both Physical Sciences and Biology / Biological Sciences.

AP Class 9 Social Science Textbook

Students will study about the Earth as a large interconnected system. They will learn how the rocks, soils, minerals, water, air, sunshine, forests, animals and humans interact with each other and change each other constantly from AP Board Class 9 Social Science Textbook. Find the book here to download and learn the subject.

Here, students can find more details about the AP Board Textbooks:

Get AP Board Class 9 Textbooks

AP Class 9 Maths Textbook
AP Class 9 Science Textbook
AP Class 9 Social Science Textbook
AP Class 9 English Textbook
AP Class 9 Telugu Textbook

Advantages of AP Board Class 9 Textbook

  • Subject experts explain topics concisely
  • Complex concepts are explained clearly
  • Includes major topics as per the Class 9 Syllabus
  • Students can revise well for the exams
  • Get an idea of the subject

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