AP Board Class 10 Social Science Textbook

Textbooks are the main resource that helps students prepare most competently for the exams. These AP Board Class 10 Social Science Textbooks in both English and Telugu medium provided here help the students to score well in the exams. We have also provided the links to download the Chapter-wise PDF formats of these books in English in the table below.

These books can be browsed thoroughly and students can also download and print out the pages for future reference. The Social Science Textbook provided here for the AP Board Class 10 includes 22 Chapters, divided across Part 1 and 2.

Find here the details about the AP SSC Textbooks of Social Science. Students can download the complete textbooks in English and Telugu medium from the links given in the below table:

Download AP Board Class 10 Social Science Book

Students can also solve the ap class 10 question papers from here for practice and score high marks.

Chapter Wise Details on AP SSC Class 10 Social Science Book

Why use AP SSC Class 10 Social Science Textbooks?

  • Books are created by subject matter specialists after thorough analysis
  • All the concepts are explained clearly and in easy to understand language
  • Students often get projects based on these books
  • The books help students to prepare ahead for exams
  • Gives a complete overview of the subject to be covered for the academic year
  • A good supplementary tool to other resources

More details about the AP Board classes and the AP SSC study material can be found at BYJU’S.

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