AP Board Class 2 Maths Textbook

For students who wish to score well in the higher classes need to get a good foundation from the primary classes. For this, they need to study well and get good marks from second year of school itself. Of all the subjects, Class 2 Maths is also important. Hence, a student has to start preparing with the help of AP Board Class 2 textbook of Maths. Prepared as per the Class 2 Maths Syllabus prescribed by the AP Board, the textbook cover topics like numbers from 1 to 20, multiplication tables, weight of things, shapes and so on. So, now students can download the AP Board Class 2 Maths Book chapter wise and start studying. The APSCERT Class 2 Maths textbook helps the parents to explain the concepts very easily to the students as it also has examples for the same. Students can just click on the links given in the table below to access the chapter wise PDFs for the textbook.

Chapter wise Downloadable PDFs Of AP Board Class 2 Maths Book

Chapter Nos Chapter Names Source Links
Cover Download
Introduction Download
1 Numbers from 1 to 20 Download
2 Numbers from 10 to 99 Download
3 Numbers with Three Digits Download
4 Comparing Three-Digit Numbers Download
5 Addition of Numbers Download
6 Addition of Numbers (with Regrouping/Carry over) Download
7 Subtraction Download
8 Subtraction of Numbers (Using Regrouping / Borrowing) Download
9 Multiplication of Numbers (I) Download
10 Multiplication Tables (1 to 10) Download
11 Multiplication of Numbers (2) Download
12 Division of One Number by Another Number Download
13 Length of Things Download
14 Weight of things Download
15 Measure of Liquids Download
16 Time Download
17 Money Download
18 Shapes Download
19 Let Us Record Download

Why Use AP Class 2 Maths Textbooks?

  • Get homework based on lessons from textbooks
  • Revise well with the help of books
  • Teachers plan their lessons with the help of class 2 maths book
  • Exam papers are prepared based on topics from these books
  • Preplan studies with the help of textbooks

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