AP Board Class 2 Textbooks | APSCERT Class 2 books

Facilitating the construction of knowledge of a subject between the student and teacher, the AP Class 2 Textbook is a very good resource to gain a proper foundation in the subjects. Students can refer to the APSCERT Class 2 textbooks to get a general idea about the topics under each subject that were taught in class for the academic year. Here we have tried to gather information about the AP board Textbooks for 2nd standard students for subjects like Maths, English and Telugu.

AP Board Class 2 Maths, English and Telugu Textbook

Devised as per the syllabus by the AP Board, the AP Class 2 textbook is important study material for students. Students should be thorough with their textbooks if they want to score well in their exams. Here, in this article, we have provided  downloadable pdfs of AP Board Class 2 textbooks of Maths, English, and Telugu. Students aiming to score well in the exams can get details about the textbooks here:

Access AP Board Class 2 Textbooks

AP Board Class 2 Maths Textbook
AP Board Class 2 English Textbook
AP Board Class 2 Telugu Textbook

Why Use AP Board Class 2 Textbooks?

  • Get homework based on lessons from textbooks
  • Revise with the help of books
  • Teachers use it to teach in class
  • Topics are explained well

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