Andhra Pradesh Board Class 9 Science Syllabus 2021-22

Learning Science is not always about remembering the definitions, formulae and solving problems given in the textbook.  The textbook is created based on the latest AP Board Class 9 Science Syllabus. The subject has some logic and everything in it is developed based on reasoning. Thus, the Andhra Pradesh Board Class 9 Science syllabus has been specifically developed to help students understand and develop logic and better reasoning skills. Topics discussed in the AP Board 9th Class Syllabus for the subject Science include Matter around us, Gravitation, Sound and so on under Physical Science, while Biology constitutes topics like Plant Tissues, Sense Organs. Soil Pollution and more.

AP Board Class 9 Science Syllabus 2021-22

The topics covered in the 9th Class syllabus has also been designed to provide a variety of opportunities to the students to think and understand the concept on the basis of their daily life experiences. Besides, at the end of the curriculum, students are expected to express their logic and opinions. The Science syllabus that has been prepared by experts will enable students to;

  • Stimulate their curiosity – to do things and ask questions.
  • To share and integrate their experiences with school knowledge, apart from duplicating textual knowledge.

Students are advised to always refer to the syllabus  of AP Board Class 9 as it will help them be on track throughout their course. Additionally, students will also get a clear idea of all the important topics and focus their attention and time in learning them. Knowing the syllabus will enable students to formulate an effective preparation strategy for the exams.

Students can take a look at the 9th Class syllabus below.

Physical Science
Chapter 1 Matter Around Us
Chapter 2 Motion
Chapter 3 Laws Of Motion
Chapter 4 Is Matter Pure?
Chapter 5 Atoms And Molecules
Chapter 6 What Is Inside The Atom?
Chapter 7 Gravitation
Chapter 8 Floating Bodies
Chapter 9 Work And Energy
Chapter 10 Sound
Chapter 1 Cell Its Structure And Functions
Chapter 2 Plant Tissues
Chapter 3 Animal Tissues
Chapter 4 Movement Of Materials Across The Cell Membrane
Chapter 5 Diversity In Living Organism
Chapter 6 Sense Organs
Chapter 7 Animal Behaviour
Chapter 8 Challenges In Improving Agricultural Products
Chapter 9 Adaptations In Different Ecosystems
Chapter 10 Soil Pollution
Chapter 11 Bio-Geo Chemical Cycles

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