AP Board Class 9 Biology Chapter 8 Challenges In Improving Agricultural Products

Food is an important aspect of the sustenance and survival of human beings, as well as other living organisms. However, as conditions keep changing and sometimes even deteriorates, it has become important for people, especially farmers to adopt efficient methods to manufacture food. In Andhra Pradesh Board Class 9 Biology Chapter 8, students will learn about some of the methods that can be used to increase the production of the crops that are grown for food.

Food Production Techniques

Today the needs of the increasing population are constantly growing. Thus, increasing food production in proportion to compensate for the needs has become quite a big challenge for many. Moreover, at such juncture, many farmers are constantly trying to meet the challenge against all odds. There are some effective ways to increase production.

  1. Increasing the area of cultivated land.
  2. Increasing production in the existing land.
  3. Developing high yielding varieties.
  4. Alternating crops.
  5. Mixed crops.
  6. Cultivating short term crops.

Factors Responsible for Increasing Food Production

Some of the important factors that can help in the increase of food production are quality and variety of seed planted, properties of the soil, use of fertilizers, weather, controlling insect attacks, controlling the weeds, availability and proper application of irrigation, etc.

Understanding The Plant

Plants normally utilize 0.1percent of water, which it absorbs during the photosynthesis process in order to form carbohydrates. Plants absorb CO2 and remove excess water through stomata. Generally, plants require macro-nutrients like Phosphorous, Potassium and Nitrogen salts in large quantities. Plants also need other micro-nutrients like Iron, Boron, Copper etc., in smaller quantities.

Students can quickly go through some questions below and learn about some important chapter topics.

Question 1: What are the benefits of mixed crop cultivation?

Answer: The major benefit of mixed crop cultivation is that it makes the soil fertile. The nutrients remain well-balanced by cultivating different types of crop.

Question 2: State the harmful effects of pesticides.

Answer: Over usage of pesticides leads to soil pollution, water pollution and hazard to biodiversity.

Question 3: What are the 3 types of method used to get high yield?

Answer: To get high yield, 3 types of methods used are:
1. Improving high yielding varieties.
2. Using high yield management methods.
(Crop production management)
3. Crop protection management.

Question 4: What is the benefit of crop rotation?

Answer: When cereals are cultivated more nutrients are utilized. If legumes are grown in the soil, fewer nutrients are utilized. Not only this, they synthesize some nutrients into the soil.

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