AP Class 3 EVS Textbook

AP Class 3 EVS Textbook teaches the students about the environment and main topics covered by it includes Family, Friendly Leaves, Gems of Clay, Let’s go to village and so on. Students to get a good foundation in the subject by learning from the EVS books that are prescribed as per the latest AP Board Class 3 Syllabus.This APSCERT Class 3 book of EVS is easy to read and it explains the concepts well.

You can also download the book chapter wise. Get chapter wise details of the AP Board Class 3 textbook of EVS from the below links:

Chapterwise Downloadable PDFs Of AP Board Class 3 EVS Book

Chapter Nos Chapter Names Source Links
Cover Download
Introduction Download
1 Family Download
2 Who Does- What Work? Download
3 Let Us Play Download
4 Shelters of Animals Download
5 The Plants Around Us Download
6 Friendly Leaves Download
7 The Food We Eat Download
8 Food Habits Download
9 Our Village Download
10 Different Types of Houses Download
11 Clean House Is The Beautiful House Download
12 Gems of Clay Download
13 Colourful Dresses Download
14 I Am Here, Where Are You? Download
15 Water-Our Needs Download
16 Let’s Go To Village Download

Why Use AP Class 3 EVS Textbooks?

  • Get homework from the lessons in textbooks
  • Use it for revision
  • Teachers teach with the help of class 3 maths book
  • Exam papers are prepared based on the text
  • Plan the studies with the help of textbooks

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