AP Class 8 Science Textbook

Each living source or organism is unique in itself. The intricacies found in nature can also be really challenging. The role of Science is to figure out the questions and answers found within the nature itself. Learning Science can be very interesting and the AP Class 8 Textbooks of Science help to attract the attention of the students to the subject. Students can refer to the textbook to master the concepts and ace the subject.

Class 8 Science comes in two parts, Physical and Biological Sciences. Topics covered by Physical Science, as per the AP Board Class 8 Science Syllabus includes Force, Metals and Non-metals, Electrical Conductivity of Liquids and so on. Biological Science, in the meantime will cover topics such as Cell-the basic unit of life, reaching the age of adolescence, Production and management of food from animals and more.

Students can access the PDF links of the books chapter wise from downloads given below:

Chapter wise Downloadable PDFs Of AP Board Class 8 Physical Science Book

Chapter Nos Chapter Names Source Links
1 Force Download
2 Friction Download
3 Synthetic Fibres and Plastics Download
4 Metals and Non-metals Download
5 Sound Download
6 Coal and Petroleum Download
7 Combustion, Fuels and Flame Download
8 Electrical Conductivity of Liquid Download
9 Some Natural Phenomena Download
10 Stars and the Solar System Download

See here that APSCERT provides the chapter 6 as chapter 7 in Class 8 Biological Science Textbook, and so we have provided the same in our downloadable link. The Chapter 6 “Different Ecosystems” is given as chapter 7 by the APSCERT.

Chapterwise Downloadable PDFs Of AP Board Class 8 Biological Science Book

Chapter Nos Chapter Names Source Links
1 What is Science? Download
2 Cell- The Basic Unit of Life Download
3 Story of Microorganisms Download
4 Reproduction in Animals Download
5 Reaching the Age of Adolescence Download
6 Different Ecosystems Download
7 Food Production from plants Methods of Management Download
8 Production and Management of Food from Animals Download
9 Not for Drink, Not for Breath Download
10 Why Do We Fall Ill? Download

Benefits of AP Class 8 Science Textbooks

  • Helps students to prepare for exams
  • The books explain even the most complex formula or concept in a simple manner
  • Teachers plan their day based on the book
  • Assignments are done based on this
  • Help teachers to set the exam papers
  • Help students to plan their studies

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