AP Board Class 3 Syllabus 2021-22- Maths, EVS and English

To help students as well as parents, we have compiled the pdf of AP Board Class 3 syllabus Maths, EVS and English 2020-21. For Class 3 students, it is necessary to know the syllabus so that they can prepare themselves before the academic session begins. The AP Board 3rd Class Syllabus works as a guide for students by providing complete details of chapter names, subtopics, activities, etc from the respective subjects taught in Class for the academic year.

AP Board Class 3 Syllabus 2021-22

Textbooks and question papers are framed according to the AP Board Class 3 syllabus of Maths and Science. The AP Board syllabus of both subjects is prepared in such a way that students love to associate themselves with the subject.

Download AP Board Class 3 Syllabus of Maths, EVS and English PDF 2021-22

AP Board Class 3 Syllabus of English 2021-22 PDF
AP Board Class 3 Syllabus of Maths 2021-22 PDF

AP Board Class 3 Syllabus of EVS 2021-22

  • Chapter 1: Family
  • Chapter 2: Who Does- What Work?
  • Chapter 3: Let us Play
  • Chapter 4: Shelters of Animals
  • Chapter 5: The Plants Around Us
  • Chapter 6: Friendly Leaves
  • Chapter 7: The Food We Eat
  • Chapter 8: Food Habits
  • Chapter 9: Our Village
  • Chapter 10: Different Types of Houses
  • Chapter 11: Clean House Is The Beautiful House
  • Chapter 12: Gems of Clay
  • Chapter 13: Colourful Dresses
  • Chapter 14: I Am Here, Where Are You?
  • Chapter 15: Water-Our Needs
  • Chapter 16: Let’s Go To Village

Parents and teachers can download pdf of AP Board Class 3 Maths and English Syllabus. By doing so, they can help their kids and students to learn the Class 3 textbook concepts thoroughly, without any doubts.



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