AP Board Class 6 Textbooks- Maths and Science

Reading from the AP Class 6 Textbooks- Maths and Science will give you a basic understanding of all the important topics of the subjects. Students and teachers consider this as the most important source of communication to convey what is being taught in each subject for the academic year. Here, you can get the details of the topics covered as per the syllabus of AP Board Class 6.

AP Class 6 Maths Textbook

AP Class 6 Maths Textbook designed by APSCERT explains even toughest of maths formula in simple steps. It is designed in such a way so as to attract more students to the subject. The topics covered as per the syllabus in the text are Knowing Your Numbers, Integers, Data Handling, Symmetry and so on.

AP Class 6 Science Textbook

The AP Class 6 Science Textbooks, part of APSCERT Books are designed to attract the attention of the students to the subject. It also explains complex topics in an easy way using graphs and illustrations. Some of the topics covered in this includes Our Food, Habitat, Changes Around You, Living and Non-Living and so on.

To prepare for the final exams, students can now download these books and start studying. For more details about the AP Class 6 Maths and Science Textbook, do take a look:

Browse AP Board Class 6 Textbooks- Maths and Science

Why Use AP Board Class 6 Textbooks?

  • Teachers refer to the textbook while teaching
  • Students can revise lessons
  • Teachers give assignments based on these lessons
  • Questions for the exams are taken from the textbooks
  • Students can study for the class and final exams

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