AP Class 5 EVS Textbook

AP Class 5 EVS Textbook help students to learn about the environment. The main topics covered by this subject in class 5 include Animals- Base of Our Life, Our Body – It’s Internal Organ System, Atmosphere-Wind, Child Rights and so on. Students can get a good foundation in the subject by learning from the EVS books that are prescribed by the AP Board for class 5. Get chapterwise details of the AP Board Class 5 textbook of EVS from the below links. You can also download the book chapterwise.

Chapterwise Downloadable PDFs Of AP Board Class 5 EVS Book

Chapter Nos Chapter Names Source Links
1 Animals- Base of Our Life Download
2 Cultivation-Crops Download
3 Let’s Plant Trees Download
4 Nutritious Food Download
5 Our Body Parts-Sense Organs Download
6 Our Body-Its Internal Organ System Download
7 Forests-Tribes Download
8 Rivers-Livelihood Download
9 Atmosphere- Wind Download
10 Sun and Planets Download
11 Safety Measures Download
12 Historical Sites- Chandragiri Fort Download
13 Energy Download
14 Our Country-World Download
15 Preamble of the Indian Constitution Download
16 Child Rights Download

Why Use AP Class 5 EVS Textbooks?

  • Students can do projects from the textbooks
  • They can prepare for the exams
  • Teachers plan their lessons with the help of class 5 EVS book
  • Exam papers are prepared based on these
  • Can revise with the help of textbooks

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