AP Board Class 1 Syllabus - Maths and English

AP Board Class 1 syllabus Maths and English 2020-21 pdf are of great importance for students to prepare for their exam. Parents can access the syllabus of Maths and English and understand the topics that need to be covered by their kids. With the help of the AP Board Class 1 syllabus, parents can prepare for the exams and make their kids understand the topics. The syllabus of English covers the chapter names as well as activities related to the chapter. Parents can download the syllabus of Class Maths and English of AP Board from the table provided below:

Download AP Board Class 1 Syllabus of Maths and English PDF 2020-21

AP Board Class 1 syllabus Maths and English are framed keeping in mind the tender age of the students. The AP Board Class 1 textbooks are also designed as per the syllabus provided by the AP Board.


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