AP Board Class 9 Science Important Questions

Class 9 is considered as a crucial stage for students as it is the base to develop for Class 10. AP Board important question for Class 9 play a significant role, for the students who are preparing for the Class 9 exam. Important questions, give the students, a brief idea of questions that can be framed in an examination. It also helps in developing skills and also improves the performance of the students in the examination. These important questions are systematically arranged according to the AP Board Class 9 Science syllabus and are advised to be solved on a daily basis. Students can solve these questions for practise and learn how to answer the AP Board Class 9 Science important questions within the stipulated time and in a correct manner.

These important questions for Class 9 AP Board are designed by subject experts taking reference from the previous year question papers. These important questions are the perfect resource to help students prepare well for the exams, when they have a time constraint. By solving AP board Class 9 Science important questions, students can clear all their doubts with respect to each chapter. Important questions of Class 9 Science also include frequently asked questions and practising it will give the students an overall idea about the course structure.

Download Andhra Pradesh board Class 9 Science Important Questions

1. Name the characteristics of matter that are demonstrated by diffusion.

2. Do all substances change from solid to liquid and liquid to gas on heating? Explain

3. A body leaving a certain point “ O” moves with an a constant acceleration. At the end of the 5th second its velocity is 1.5 m/s. At the end of the sixth second the body stops and then begins to move backwards. Find the distance traversed by the body before it stops. Determine the velocity with which the body returns to point “ O “ ? (27m, -9 m/s)

4. How do you appreciate Galileo’s thought of “any moving body continues in the state only until some external force acts on it” which is a contradiction to the Aristotle’s belief of “any moving body naturally comes to rest”.

5. Determine the mass by mass percentage concentration of a 100g salt solution which contains 20g salt?

6. Imagine what would happen if we do not have standard symbols for elements?

7. What is the main difference between isotopes of the same element?

8. An apple falls from a tree. An insect in the apple finds that the earth is falling towards it with an acceleration g. Who exerts the force needed to accelerate the earth with this acceleration?

9. How can you find the relative density of a liquid?

10. Draw a diagram to show conservation of mechanical energy in cafe of free falling body.

11. How do you appreciate the efforts of a musician to produce melodious sound using a musical instrument by simultaneously controlling frequency and amplitude of the sounds produced by it.

12. Who and when proposed cell theory. What are the salient features of it?

13. “Bark cells are impervious to gases and water”. What experiment you will perform to prove this?

14. Ramu felt weak. Ramu’s father took him to hospital. The doctor advised a blood test. The report says that he does not have the required levels of haemoglobin. What are it ill effects?

15. What are the advantages of classifying organisms?

16. How behaviour of humans is different from the behaviour of other animals? Explain with an example.

17. “Understanding of animal behaviour creates positive attitude towards animals.” how you support this statement? Explain with suitable examples.

18. How are biofertilizers more beneficial as compared to chemical fertilizers?

19. Prepare flowchart to describe soil pollution, causes and methods of control.

20. What do you understand by Ozone layer? Write an essay to participate in elecution compitation on importance of ozone layer.



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