Class 12 Business Studies Study Material

About Business Studies Class 12 Notes 

  • presents a wonderful Study Material of Business Studies Class 12 so that your study becomes more practical and interesting.
  • We make the study a fun-filled activity when we relate theoretical part of Business Studies with your general life as whatever we study comes from our experiences of life.
  • Syllabus and exam pattern of CBSE is always kept in mind whenever we create content for you. Questions from NCERT book are also being solved to help students.
  • Our content enables you in not only understanding each and every topic but also tells you how to apply that. It helps you to understand every bit of Business Studies so that you come out with flying colours not only in CBSE Exam but in all walks of life.
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Specialty of our Business Studies Study Material

 (1) Language of the Content

Wholesome coverage has been done of all the topics in a lucid manner so that learning the content becomes easy.

 (2) Flowcharts and Diagrams

Flow charts and diagrams have been used to make concepts interesting and easy, wherever it was possible.

 (3) Hosts of Examples

Lots of examples are shown to make students understand all the concepts in an easy manner.

 (4) Case Studies & HOTS

Lots of case studies have been included so that students get enough practice of answering these types of questions in the exam.

Also HOTS (High Order Thinking Skills Questions) are given on each topic to make the concepts more clear.

(5) Conceptual, Reasoning and Evaluation based Questions

Exam pattern includes various types of questions like Concept based questions, value based questions and questions which require reasoning, all of them are focused in our study material.

(6) Numerical Part

Numerical part of Capital Structure has been explained wonderfully and Solved as well as Unsolved questions have been included so that students can practice at the optimum level.

 (7) Fast Track Revision

After every chapter, Fast Track Revision is given which will help students to revise the whole chapter in minimal time.

 (8) Past Years’ Examination Questions

Past years’ examination questions are also given after every chapter so that students can gain confidence that whatever they are studying from our study material is more than sufficient for answering the questions asked in the exam.


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