Packing and Packaging - All You Need to Know

What is Packing?

Packing is a process of building a container or box suitable for a product for transport and storage. Different methods that can be used in packaging are wrapping, cushioning, weatherproofing and sealing. A good packing prevents the product or items from breakage, leakage, pilferage, etc. Few materials that are used for packing are bubble wrap, cardboard, cellophane, and foam packaging etc. In a nutshell, packing is a material used to cover a product and avert it from moving around and getting damaged.

What is Packaging?

Packaging is a process of designing and manufacturing an attractive container, wrapper, box, etc., where the products are wrapped, stored and sold to the customers or made ready for transportation. Good packaging not only protects the product from damage but also engages the customers with its attractive wrapper resulting sales. Packaging is an essential tool in marketing for boosting sales. Many companies use packaging to engage with the customers and build a visual relationship.  There are two types of packaging.

  • Primary Packaging- Is a packaging that is used by the marketers to sell the product to the end customers.
  • Secondary Packaging- This is the packaging used for the transportation of the product from one place to another.

This article is ready to reckoner for all the students to learn the difference between Packing and Packaging.

Packing Packaging
Packing is building a container or box for a product for transport and storage but not for a display The packaging is a process of designing and manufacturing container for protection and also for display
Only protecting and transportation of the product It includes transportation, marketing, and sales
To ensure safety Attract customers
Protective wrappers used to protect the product and safe transport The protective wrapper used to transport with the display to a logo, names, product information, and marketing of the product
Stages of Packing
Packing is the secondary part of packing items. This involves only transportation The packaging is the first step of the packing process

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