How to Write Slogans on Plastic?

Plastic pollution is one of the most dangerous consequences the world is facing today. We have been using plastic day-to-day for many reasons. We use plastic bags, plastic containers, plastic bottles, plastic toys and so on. All of these do make our lives easier, but the more we use plastic and dispose of it into the environment, the more are the risks involved. It is our responsibility to let people know about the harmful effects of plastic pollution, and writing slogans on plastic pollution will help get the word out to an extent.

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Plastics – Boon or Bane?

Anything made of plastic is a trivial part of a regular day in the lives of human beings. Plastic is used to produce various multipurpose articles for everyday use. It is used to produce materials across almost every sector, including machinery, automobiles, kitchen appliances and kitchenware, consumer products, electrical and electronic appliances, etc. Though plastic products make life so much easier, it has many disadvantages as well.

Excessive use of plastics can cause problems to our own health as well as the health of our planet. Disposal of plastics into the water bodies and littering the streets are much more dangerous than we think we know. Not much has been done so far to curb plastic pollution, and it is in our hands to at least start taking small steps in view of the much larger vision of stopping the use of plastic completely. Switching to using eco-friendly products would be a good start. It is not something that can be attained in a day, but it would be possible to make our planet safer if we could join hands and inspire everyone to take one step forward and ‘Say No to Plastic.’

To help you with it, here are a few slogans:

Slogans on Say No to Plastic

  • Say no to plastic.
  • Say no to plastic bags.
  • Don’t trash our future. Say no to plastic.
  • Stop choking the Earth. Say no to plastics.
  • Save the sea. Stop polluting the sea with plastic.
  • Be responsible. Say no to plastic.

Say No to Plastic Slogans

  • Plastic will make our end drastic!
  • Go green, plastic is obscene!
  • Stop the pollution. Be part of the solution.
  • Let us wipe out plastic before it wipes us out.
  • Change your habits. Stop using plastic.
  • Beat plastic pollution. If you can, reuse it and refuse it.
  • Avoid plastics. Arise cleanliness. Invite happiness.
  • Less plastic. More life.
  • Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Repeat.
  • Make the world a beautiful place, start reducing our plastic waste.
  • Stop using plastic. Save the planet.
  • Cut down on plastic. Recycling is fantastic!
  • Our past we cannot erase. Our future needs less waste.
  • Keep the sea plastic free.

No Plastic Slogans

  • Reduce. Refuse. Reuse. Recycle plastic bags.
  • Reduce the use of plastic. Save the Earth.
  • Handle with care, plastic is everywhere.
  • Heal the planet. Stop using plastic.
  • Plastic waste cannot be erased. It needs to be cleaned up.
  • Every day actions matter, choose a plastic free life.
  • We want evolution, not more pollution.
  • We say no to plastic not just on Earth day but every day.
  • We are together, bound in a life cycle to help save marine life from plastics.
  • Think green, avoid plastics.
  • Use paper bags. Stop using plastic bags.
  • Plastics give a helping hand, but they are polluting our land.
  • Plastic pollution-free world is not a choice but a commitment to life – a commitment to the next generation.
  • Think before you trash it.
  • Say no to plastic for a better and greener tomorrow.
  • Stop using plastic and start saving lives.
  • Just say NO to plastic. Think, act, save.
  • Spread the word. Say no to plastic bags!

Frequently Asked Questions on Plastic Pollution


Why is using plastic a problem?

The main problem with using plastic is that it is not biodegradable. So many tonnes of plastics end up in the water bodies and affect aquatic life. Plastics also turn out to be breeding grounds for insects and mosquitoes, which in turn become carriers of various kinds of diseases.


Why should we say no to plastics?

Saying no to plastics would not be very easy, but doing it would be the right thing to do for the sake of ourselves as well as the planet we are a part of. Plastic does not degrade, and more production of plastics means more disposal; hence, we should try to stop using plastic products and adapt to using better and biodegradable products, which would serve the same purpose as plastic products do.


What are the best slogans for a ‘Say No to Plastic’ campaign?

Some slogans that can be used for a ‘Say No to Plastic’ campaign would be the following:

  • Just say NO to plastic. Think & Act & Save.
  • Spread The Word, Say No To Plastic Bags!
  • Think before you trash it.
  • Reduce, Refuse, Reuse, Recycle Plastic Bags.
  • Our Past We Cannot Erase. Our Future Needs Less Waste.
  • Make The World A Beautiful Place, Start Reducing Our Plastic Waste.
  • Remember if we don’t stop, Our children might cruise on the ocean full of plastic.


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