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The role of a teacher in a child’s life is crucial. Being a teacher is a great responsibility as the present and future of children are in their hands. What children become is a result of all the lessons a child takes from the very beginning. This article will help you understand the part teachers play in the life of an individual and also give you examples of speeches about teachers.

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Role of a Teacher

Teachers are the ones who open the minds of the young ones to the world. They impart knowledge and show them what matters the most. Teachers have a lot of students to take care of, and they all look the same in the eyes of a teacher; whereas, the same teacher can appeal to each student differently. They make an impact on their lives and change them for the good.

The influence a teacher has on their students is huge. No matter what, a student always looks up to the teacher for help and guidance. Teachers are like second parents. Teachers have a fair share in the moulding of a child from the time the child is around 4 to 5 years old. So it is important that children have good teachers who could make them intellectually, emotionally and morally sound and strong.

Short Speech on Teachers

‘A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others’, says Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Teaching has always been considered as a noble profession. No good teacher looks for their own success and endeavour; they always have their students’ present and future in mind. When one chooses to be a teacher, it is understood that a number of qualities are embodied in that individual.

A teacher is looked upon as a guide, a mentor, a friend and a selfless abode of love and care. No matter how young or old a teacher is, they consider their students as their own children. The influence of a teacher extends beyond the classroom. The best teachers tell their students where to look but don’t tell them what to see, according to Alexandra K Trenfor. Teachers let their light shine bright even on the darkest roads so that the little ones do not lose track of their destination. You are everything a teacher should be. To the world, you may be just another teacher, but to us, you are our hero. We respect you for what you have been doing for us all through these years. We know we are not the best students, but you are the best teacher we could ever ask for. Thank you for accepting us for who we are and for loving us as much.

Speech on the Importance of Teachers

Teachers play a pivotal role in the life of each and every student. A teacher need not be perfect, but a teacher ought to be knowledgeable so as to provide the students with the right information and considerate so as to be able to try and understand every little child. Teachers are often a source of inspiration. There are children who follow the footsteps of their teachers. A good teacher is like a treasure that has to be cherished and valued.

Joyce Meyer said, “Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges”. It is true that as teachers, they always chalk out the right direction and overcome the challenges on the way. Teachers can do more than just guide. They pave the way and let the children choose their own paths to become the best version of themselves in the future.

FAQs on Teachers


Why are teachers important in our life?

Teachers impart knowledge and guide us in the right directions. Our life would definitely not be the same without dedicated teachers who selflessly work in order to make our lives better.


How do you end a speech?

There are numerous ways in which you can end your speech. You can simply sum up and conclude, use a quote that sums up the whole idea of the speech, motivate everyone listening to you to join in with you to make a difference and so on.


What is the best speech for a teacher?

If you are thinking about what would be the best thing to say when you are asked to speak about your teacher, here is a tip. You can share your experiences about your teachers and thank them for all that they have done for you.


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