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Time management is very important for the smooth sailing of an individual. Why is it so important? Are you preparing a speech on time management? What is the relevance of this topic? What are the benefits that we acquire by managing time effectively? To know more, read this article.

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Speech on Time Management – What Is Time Management?

Time management is the process of managing time effectively and efficiently so that an individual can allocate the right amount of time for performing the right activity. In simpler terms, it’s the ability to use time productively. Time management is a skill that allows individuals to perform everything they want without getting much stressed about time. Defining it in such short statements sounds cool and simple, right? The efforts to manage time efficiently, however, are huge. Have you ever wondered how some people manage to do things perfectly on time while others rush? It’s the beauty of time management skills that such people possess.

Sample Speech on Time Management

A few samples of speeches on time management are given below. Please go through them for your better understanding of the topic.

Prioritisation and Time Management

There will be occasions when we can’t get everything done on time. Even though we plan and schedule time and execute everything well, there might be more still left to be done. So the only possible solution that we have is working on things that really need attention. Prioritise things. Utilise time well and do what’s more important for you. Prepare a list based on your urgency and schedule your tasks accordingly. Make sure you are doing it on time, finish it perfectly, and shift to the next one. It’s the only possible way how things in life can be done.

We all live in a world where many things distract us. A notification sound from your mobile phone is enough to shift your focus away from your work. That itself is enough to waste your precious time.

To start with, learn how to prioritise your tasks. List everything down. Instead of thinking of a mega list of all things that you need to do, go for a small one. Enlist things of utmost importance, prepare it like a to-do list and place it somewhere you can see so that you will find it more often and will think of it. This is the simplest possible strategy to follow. All you need is a pen and paper, or you could just set a reminder on your mobile phone.

Stop procrastinating things. Don’t skip something if it has to be done or if it’s really important for you. If you keep procrastinating, you will not do it anytime soon. You will pass hours, days, and even weeks by just thinking about it rather than acting on it. There’s no point in waiting or wasting time for it. Nothing is going to change. So finish it fast and relax. Also try to follow the methodology of doing the most important tasks first. Prioritise and number the three things that are essential, and work on them with complete focus throughout the day. Once you start, you will see that proper time management is easy if you decide on a strategy and make sure that you stick to it.

Benefits of Time Management

Even if it is about the organisation and execution of events on time, time management offers a lot of benefits. When individuals manage time effectively, they can easily set big goals and can work to accomplish them. Let’s look at the benefits of time management.

Time management helps to reduce stress. It helps meet deadlines and soothe the work, which will eventually result in less stress and anxiety. Taking control of time helps individuals finish their tasks smoothly, and thus reduce the mental pressure to a great extent. It helps to bring work-life balance. This is one of the best benefits of time management. ‘Losing personal life because of work’ will probably be one of the complaints that any employee would share. Nearly 80% of employees are sharing this same complaint. So we can imagine how much importance work-life balance has in an individual’s life. When individuals have a good work-life balance, they can utilise more time for productive thinking and for their personal lives.

Time management helps you get more free time. Every single person needs free time. It is one of the basic things required for the growth of an individual. People must be offered freedom of choice, and be able to use some time of their own to think and act. It is always from free thoughts that great things are born. With enough free time, one can set big goals, spend more time with family and friends, pursue hobbies, deepen relationships, and even have the time to follow one’s personal interests. Good time management also improves the focus of an individual. As the individual receives abundant time, they spend more time on their work and bring out better results. With the improvements in the individuals’ ability to focus, they can easily neglect distractions and can fully concentrate on their work. Only then can they live a life of freedom, satisfaction, and happiness without which life is meaningless.

Time management – A Necessary Soft Skill

Time management is one of the top soft skills that a professional must have. Have you ever heard the term soft skills? Why are they decisive for a professional? In simple terms, soft skills are the skills that allow an individual to act professionally in a working space. These are the skills that differentiate a professional from an amateur. Soft skills are very important and necessary for excelling in life. Being an essential soft skill, time management is a vital thing when it comes to our profession.

If we organise events and arrange them for planning a day’s schedule, we can easily execute it in far less time. Time management helps give a proper structure to an individual’s workday and personal life. With the help of this skill, a professional can accomplish more in their day to day life. Time management also helps in creating a better working atmosphere. The ability to act wisely and meet deadlines during a period of uncertainty is always paramount. Improving the talent of managing time will undoubtedly benefit an individual’s professional as well as personal life.

Frequently Asked Questions on Time Management


What is time management?

Time management is the process of managing time effectively and efficiently so that an individual can allocate the right time for performing the right activity. In simpler terms, it’s the ability to use time productively.


What are the benefits of time management?

Some of the major benefits of time management are given below:

  1. Time management helps to reduce stress.
  2. Time management helps to bring work-life balance.
  3. Time management gives you more free time.
  4. Time management improves the focus of the individual.

What are the most effective prioritisation and time management strategies?

For planning a prioritisation and time management strategy, do the following:

  1. List things down. Instead of developing a mega list of all things that you need to do, go for a small one.
  2. Stop procrastinating things.
  3. Do the worst things first.
  4. Follow the methodology of doing the most important tasks.


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