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Why is it declared that sports and fitness are pivotal in human life? What are the benefits of it? Is it just a physical activity for burning out fats and calories, or is it an act to maintain body weight balance?

There are multiple benefits that a human receives from performing sports. Engaging in sports and other physical activities improves an individual’s focus, discipline, concentration, social participation, and sportsmanship. It enhances both the physical and mental health of an individual.

Sports and Society

Apart from developing physical and mental fitness in people, participation in sports and maintaining body fitness offers many hidden benefits. Just like education plays a major role in shaping the lives of individuals, sports too are a great source of success. Even though the importance of sports is high, how much importance does society provide to it? The truth is that it is not even considered in most of the lives of the people. Society is still unaware of its importance or is neglecting it blindly. Everyone is busy running behind wealth, and no one is ready to think about the truth that everyone knows health is wealth. In society, it’s education and job that’s given much priority. Many consider these as the two things that bring benefits into their lives. But that’s not the only two things required; there are many more things that a human life needs, and body fitness is one among them. Everything needs a balance. Just like we educate ourselves with new knowledge, participating in sports and checking body fitness is important.

There exists an unwanted preconceived notion regarding sports and fitness in our society. Many consider participation in sports as an activity that has to be done during their young ages and maintaining fitness as a Himalayan task in their old ages. This concept has to be changed; people have to realise that there is no age limit to be a sportsperson.

Sample Speech on Sports and Fitness

A few samples of speeches on sports and fitness are given below. Please go through it for your better understanding.

Benefits of Sports and Fitness

While participating in sports, our body undergoes two different functionings simultaneously. One is the enhancement of physique, and the other is the enhancement of mental health. An individual applies both his physical strength and mental strength while participating in games; as a result, both will progress.

For many people, sports is just an event for entertaining purposes only. But the truth is different. Sports play a crucial role in enhancing the overall personality of a person. Some of the main benefits of sports are listed below:

  1. Sports help an individual to stay active: It highly contributes to improving the overall health of the individual. By actively participating in sports and by performing physical exercises for maintaining fitness, one improves the body’s overall blood circulation, ultimately resulting in better heart health.
  2. Sports help with burning calories: Through physical exercises, unwanted fats in our body get removed; as a result, our immune system gets strengthened. Also, through fat removal, sportspeople could easily maintain consistent healthy body weight.
  3. Sports improves the strength of body muscles: By regularly performing sports or other exercises, our body’s muscles get stiffened, and the muscular system becomes active.
  4. Performing physical activities is a great stress buster: Many people worldwide participate in sports for fighting depression, balancing mood swings, and relieving stress. Both the mind and body will get engaged while participating in sports; thus, one can deviate from unwanted thoughts.
  5. Sports bring discipline to lives: Have you ever wondered how Rahul Dravid, Sania Mirza, Tiger Woods, and other famous athletes lead such a peaceful, comfortable life? It’s because of the discipline that they obtained from sports. Also, it helps to sharpen our focus and eventually, it will boost our confidence.

Types of Sports

There exist multiple types of sports and games. It can be broadly classified based on the location from where it is played. Sports can also be differentiated into groups by analysing whether it is mental, physical or electronic. Each of these sporting events has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. The disadvantages and advantages of sports are completely based on how individuals perform them.

  • Outdoor Sports and Indoor Sports

As the name suggests, outdoor sports are sporting events that require an outdoor area for performance. Wide and open areas are required for conducting such games. Some of the most popular outdoor games are football, hockey, cricket, rugby, golf, etc.

Indoor sports are played within a room or from an enclosed large hall. The area required for conducting the sport and the number of indoor game participants is very low. The number of live audiences for indoor sports is much lower when compared with outdoor sports.

Indoor games can be further classed into mental, physical, and electronic. Mental sports are also known as ‘mind games’, and the most popular one in this category is chess. Indoor physical sports are indoor sports that demand a little more physical participation than the rest of other indoor games. Examples of indoor physical games include badminton, table tennis, bowling, volleyball, etc. Sports competitions conducted with the usage of electronic video games are called electronic sports, and these games are highly trending among the youths these days.

Speech on Sports – Sports for Boys and Girls

Every single time someone hears the term ‘sports’, the very first image that strikes or runs into the mind of many is that of a boy wearing sportswear and running on an open playing field. Have you ever wondered why it is so? Why are there no girls appearing in the mental visualisation made by many?

The answer is very simple and can be responded with the usage of a single word. That is ‘convention’. Stereotypical setups and patriarchal norms that are still prevailing in society are limiting girls to explore the possibility of sports. Isn’t that an utter shame to disclose that these restrictions still exist in today’s world?

We live in a society where both boys and girls are theoretically taught that they can do whatever they want without any strict restrictions implemented. They are injected and motivated with words like “If you can dream it, you can do it” and so on. But when it comes to reality, things are turning upside down in the case of girls. Clearly, we can proclaim it as gender discrimination in its utmost form. Freedom of choice is denied to girls only because of their birth as a girl. It is always a point to consider that no one is granted the offer to choose during birth. So why the discrimination? As we look around, the classification made by the society separating a boy and a girl is well visible. There are multiple sectors where a girl child is getting separated from the list, and the saddest part is that even in the participation of games, they are sorted. People of society classify things mainly in two categories. One is ‘the boy thing’, and the other is ‘the girl thing’. In sports, we can trace the existence of separate lists for girls and boys. Games like football, cricket, basketball, boxing, MMA, baseball, and many others are considered the games of boys, while games like badminton, cheerleading, tennis, golf, and such are considered girls’ games. Who is categorising all these? Why is it preordained? Is there any need for categorising? Both boys and girls are contributing their best. Let everyone mark their choice. Let things be free. That’s how flowers bloom.

Frequently Asked Questions on Speech on Sports and Fitness

What are the benefits of sports?

Some of the main benefits of sports are listed below:

  1. Sports help an individual to stay active.
  2. Sports help with burning calories.
  3. Sports improves the strength of body muscles.
  4. Performing physical activities is a great stress buster. Many people worldwide participate in sports for fighting depression, balancing mood swings, and relieving stress.
  5. Sports bring discipline to lives.

What are the different types of sports?

Outdoor sports and Indoor sports are the main two types of sports. Examples of indoor games include badminton, table tennis, bowling, volleyball, etc. Some of the most popular outdoor games are football, hockey, cricket, rugby, golf, etc.

Which is the most popular sport in India?

Cricket is the most popular sport in India. Cricket World Cups have been hosted and won multiple times by the country.

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