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When children step out of pre school,  they would be aware of the alphabet and would be able to recognise a few words. A child has the ability to learn vocabulary from a very young age, and the best way to do it is to start with 3-letter words. The more they practice, the better they become with respect to language speaking. After the child has mastered the alphabet, it becomes easier to spell words. It will help them break the words into syllables and write the correct spelling.

Learning different words at this age would really help children as it is the best time to learn new languages. It also helps in maintaining a smooth flow of reading. In this article, we have provided a list of 3-letter words for kids, to help you teach your children and improve their vocabulary.

Explore 3-Letter Words for Kids to Enhance Vocabulary

3-letter words are easy to learn but might be challenging to teach. Here are a few words for your reference to help you improve your kid’s vocabulary.

List of 3-Letter Words for Kids

And Fix Own
Are Fly Odd
Ape Fry Our
Ace For Pet
Act Got Pat
Ask Get Peg
Arm God Paw
Age Gel Pup
Ago Gas Pit
Air Hat Put
Ate Hit Pot
All Has Pop
But Had Pin
Bye How Rat
Bad Her Rag
Big His Rub
Bed Hen Row
Bat Ink Rug
Boy Ice Run
Bus Ill Rap
Bag Jab Ram
Box Jug Sow
Bit Jet See
Bee Jam Saw
Buy Jar Set
Bun Job Sit
Cub Jog Sir
Cat Kit Sat
Car Key Sob
Cut Lot Tap
Cow Lit Tip
Cry Let Top
Cab Lay Tug
Can Mat Tow
Dad Man Toe
Dab Mad Tan
Dam Mug Ten
Did Mix Two
Dug Map Use
Den Mum Van
Dot Mud Vet
Dip Mom Was
Day May Wet
Ear Met Win
Eye Net Won
Eat New Wig
End Nap War
Elf Now Why
Egg Nod Who
Far Net Way
Fat Not Wow
Few Nut You
Fan Oar Yes
Fun One Yak
Fit Out Yet
Fin Owl Zip
Fox Old Zap

How are 3-Letter Words Helpful?

Learning 3-letter words are essential for kids as it helps in improving their vocabulary. It also helps the kids learn new bigger words, as they learn to break down the words and form new words. Here are a few ways in which kids benefit from learning 3 letter words.

  • It helps in improving vocabulary and helps in effective communication.
  • It helps in breaking down bigger words and creating new words.
  • It helps them master their reading, speaking and writing skills.
  • It improves their academic performances  and language development on the whole.

How to Teach 3-Letter Words to Kids?

Remembering 3-letter words is not very difficult. Here are a few tips to help your child learn 3-letter words easily.

  • Reading and Repeating Words: Let your child read the spellings aloud. Encourage them to read each letter of the word aloud, which will help them remember the spelling along with the correct pronunciation of the words.
  • Create Words using Alphabet Blocks or Other Similar Activities: The kids can be engaged in various activities using alphabet blocks, flashcards, etc., and join the letters to create a 3-letter word. This would be a fun and engaging way to teach new vocabulary to kids.
  • Playing Word Games: This is another fun way of teaching 3-letter words to kids. Since the kids are involved both visually and mentally while playing word games, it becomes easier to learn new words.
  • Visual Cues: Using visual cues will make the vocabulary building exercise a lot more fun and the children would stay active and motivated. For example, if they are learning the word ‘fan’, they can be shown a picture of a fan with the spelling of the word in a bold or capitalised font. This way, they grasp the words faster.

Kids are capable of learning new words faster than adults. Therefore, it is best to start right now.

Frequently Asked Questions on 3-Letter Words

Why is it essential to learn the 3-letter words?

3-letter words are considered to be the basic vocabulary of a language and it is essential for kids to kids start learning such words and thereby, be able to form new bigger words using these 3-letter words.

What are the most common 3-letter words?

Some of the most common 3-letter words are man, will, are, was, she, her, his, can, has, had, any, all, out, for, the, and, can, you, etc.

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