Doing something we love keeps us happy, and that is why our hobbies become our favourite pastimes. Let your friends know what your hobbies are and find out what their hobbies are by writing letters to them. Maybe it would help you connect with them on a different level. Here are some sample letters for your reference.

Letter to Your Friend Explaining Your Hobbies

A2/32, Chengal Nagar


Chennai – 600023

May 5, 2021


Dearest Malu,

I hope this letter finds you in the best of health. I received your letter the other day asking how I am spending my leisure time these days.

I have developed many hobbies over the years but collecting stamps and embroidery have been my favourite so far. Stamp collection is something I started as a kid. I had just taken a few pages off my notebook and made it my stamp book. I get so excited every time I see the postman. I wait to see what kind of stamp I will get. Knowing that I have a liking for collection of stamps, my cousins have been sending it across to me every time they find a different stamp. I can’t wait to show you my collection.

Embroidery is another hobby I picked up recently. I always liked embroidered clothes. I just started trying out different stitching patterns. Slowly, I learned almost everything, and now I am selling embroidered frames and dresses. It is so fulfilling to see a piece of work come out so well. I am sending you a gift along with this letter, something I made, as your birthday is fast approaching.

Hope to meet you soon.

Your dearest friend,


Letter to Your Friend Enquiring about the Hobby They Developed over the Holidays

12B, Skyline Apartments

Ernakulam – 682013



My dear Sam,

How is everyone at home? Everyone here is doing well. It has been a really long time since we have met. What is new with you? Mom told me that you have started playing the guitar. I wish to know everything about it.

I knew you always loved the guitar. When did you start playing? Did you take guitar lessons? I am sure that it would be your most loved hobby now. Are you planning to take grade examinations? I have been waiting to see and hear you play from the time I knew about it. I hope you could teach me to play as well so that we can conduct jamming sessions like we always wanted to.

Waiting to hear back from you.




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