Letter to Your Friend about Covid-19 Precautions

Writing letters to friends and family is something that does not take much effort. You can write to them about anything you wish to convey. This article will give you a hint about what all you need to consider when writing a letter to your friend about COVID-19 precautions.

COVID-19 has been a part of our world for almost two years now. People had been extremely cautious in the beginning, but now they have got used to the situation that they do not care much now. It may be time you remind your dear ones about the risks involved and the precautions they should take in order to protect themselves and everyone around them.

Letter to Your Friend about the Increase in COVID Rates and Precautionary Measures

150, SS Street,

BPN Nagar,

Coimbatore – 641058



Dear Jane,

Hope all of you are keeping well and staying safe. I have been watching the news everyday to keep track of every information about COVID-19, and the number of people affected is increasing and decreasing at its own pace. I was so concerned when I saw that COVID rates are increasing in your area.

People have become a lot more lethargic and careless now, and we can do nothing but keep ourselves safe. So see to that you wash and sanitise your hands every time you are back home after an outing. Try not to make physical contact with anyone, even if the people are well known to you. Wear your mask always and maintain social distance. Try not to use public transport for the time being and make sure everyone at home takes care of themselves too. Also, get your vaccine shots as soon as possible.

It has been a really long time since we met each other. I just hope all this commotion that this pandemic has brought into our lives is over soon so that we can meet each other.

Write to me when possible. Convey my regards to everyone at home.



Letter to Your Friend Who Has Recovered Recently from COVID

28, Golden Flats


Bangalore – 600023



Dearest Nate,

I met your brother two days back, and he told me that you are getting better. I wish I could be there to take care of you, but travelling is not an option now because of the government regulations, so I thought I could reach out to you.

I heard from my neighbours who were affected with COVID that there are many after-effects. Though you think you are fine since you have been discharged from the hospital, I don’t think that it is safe for you to move to the hostel yet. You definitely need to take rest to avoid yourself from being affected again. There have been relapses of the disease for so many people, and when it does, it is draining out all the energy and making the person even more sick. Please don’t take it lightly. Stay away from people for a few more days. Don’t consume anything cold. Since you have been affected already, your immune system would be too vulnerable, and you could get sick again. Take your medicines and eat healthy food. Try to avoid packaged and outside food for at least a month. Drink boiled water only and stay hydrated.

Take good care of yourself. Hoping to meet you soon.

Your loving friend,



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