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Our everyday lives are filled with one event or the other. It can be a marriage, an anniversary function, an annual day, a sports event, a birthday party, etc. We receive invitations for all these events and hand out invitations when we are hosting the event. In order to know how to write an invitation letter, go through the topics given below.

Points to Remember when Writing an Invitation Letter

An invitation letter can be written in the format of a formal letter or an informal letter according to the relationship you have with the person or group of people you are writing to. Invitation letters will help the host have an account of the number of people who would be able to attend the event and the people whom the host should expect at the event so that they could make the necessary arrangements. When writing an invitation letter, be sure to mention the date on which the event will be held and the location where the event will take place. Most importantly, ensure that you send out the invitation letters well in advance so that the people who are invited can clear their schedules and make arrangements to come for the event.

Formal Invitation Letter

A formal invitation letter follows the general format of a formal letter. The letter should mention all the necessary details about the event in the letter. You have to keep it formal and professional when you write a formal invitation letter. Also, remember to keep it clear and precise.

Informal Invitation Letter

An informal invitation letter is written in the format of an informal letter. The letter should state the date and venue of the event. You can have a more positive and relaxed tone when writing an informal invitation letter. Make sure you proofread before you send it to the respective guests.

Invitation Letter Samples

Here are some sample invitation letters for your reference.

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Invitation Letter for Event – Formal Invitation Letter for Graduation Ceremony

The Vice Principal

Karpagam College of Arts and Science


Coimbatore – 641054


Dr. Shankar Devan

21/56, E C Layout

East Tambaram

Chennai – 600089

Subject: Formal Invitation to be the Chief Guest for the Graduation Ceremony

Dear Sir,

We are pleased to invite you to be the Chief Guest for the Graduation Ceremony that is to be held on the 24th of January, 2022 at Karpagam College of Arts and Science. We would be honoured to have you present our students with their degree certificates. It would be a great chance for the students also to interact with you about the different career opportunities they have.

We genuinely hope that you would accept our invitation. It would be highly appreciated if you could reply to us by the 13th of January, 2022, so that we can make the necessary arrangements for your travel and accommodation.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,



The Vice Principal

Informal Invitation Letter for a Wedding

22nd December, 2021

48/97, Golden Flats

Sathya Nagar 2nd Street

Mogappair West

Chennai – 600023

Dear Vinith,

This is to inform you that my son is getting married on the 10th of January, 2022, at NMR Conventional Centre, Bangalore. The wedding ceremony will begin at 7 a.m. The reception will be held on the same day from 12 p.m. onwards.

We wish and hope that you will be able to make it one or two days in advance. Kindly let us know as soon as possible when you will be reaching so that we could arrange transportation and accommodation facilities for you and your family.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,



Invitation Mail for Parents’ 25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Recipient’s mail id:

Subject: Invitation for 25th Wedding Anniversary

Dear Salvia,

We have decided to celebrate our parents’ 25th wedding anniversary on the 15th of January, 2022. We have planned it for the weekend so that everyone would be able to make it. It is planned as a surprise, so it will be great if you and your family are able to make it.

The anniversary celebration will be held at our house. I am writing to you now because I need your help with the planning and arrangements. It would be really helpful if you could come home a few days earlier to help me with everything. Let me know when you will be able to come so I can plan accordingly.

Waiting for your response.



Frequently Asked Questions on Invitation Letter Format


How do you write an invitation letter?

An invitation letter can be formal or informal, and according to the type of invitation, the letter can follow the format of a formal or informal letter. Whatever be the type of invitation letter you are writing, there are some details that you should not miss out. The receiver’s address, the subject (in the case of a formal invitation letter), the date and venue of the event are some of the details that you have to take care to mention.


What is an official invitation letter?

An official invitation letter is a formal letter that is written to higher authorities or distinguished officials to invite them to attend a particular event.


For whom can I send an informal invitation letter?

An informal invitation letter can be sent out to relatives, friends or any close acquaintances. The language used can be much more casual than a formal invitation letter.


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