Cheque Book Request Letter - Things to Keep in Mind and Sample Letters

A cheque book is a book with a number of cheques that are used to make payments or purchases. A cheque is issued to a beneficiary instead of cash so that the beneficiary can collect the said money in cash from the nearest bank. When making a payment by cheque, it is saved in the bank records. It is always safer to make huge payments by cheque but make sure you provide a valid cheque.

If you have run out of cheque leaves and are wondering how to write a formal letter requesting the issuance of a cheque book, this article is for you. Read through the article to find out how to write a cheque book request letter and go through the sample request letters to understand better. Also, check out the article on Letter Writing for more sample letters.

Writing a Cheque Book Request Letter

A cheque book request letter is written as an official request to your bank to provide you with a cheque book with the required number of cheque leaves. There are cheque books with a minimum of 25 cheque leaves and a maximum of 100 cheque leaves. Make sure you mention the number of cheque leaves you will require when you write a cheque book request letter.

A cheque book request letter is written in the format of a formal letter. Ensure to provide your account number accurately and other identifying information so that there are no problems or confusion for your bank to issue the cheque book at the earliest.

Sample Cheque Book Request Letter

Here are some sample cheque book request letters for your reference.

Application for Cheque Book Issue

3/27, Monte Vue Apartments

P N Palayam

Coimbatore – 641049

11th January, 2022

The Bank Manager

South Indian Bank

P N Palayam Branch

Coimbatore – 641044

Subject: Request for Cheque Book Issue

Respected Sir/Ma’am,

I am Nandhini Balasubramaniam, and I am a savings account holder (Account no: 0206xxxxxxxxxx56) in your bank. I am in need of a single cheque book of 100 leaves or two cheque books of 50 leaves each.

I have enclosed copies of my identification and address proof for your reference along with this letter.

Kindly consider my request and do the needful.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely,

Signature of the account holder


Cheque Book Request Letter to Bank

108 V, B B Street


Mumbai – 400051


The Bank Manager

Central Bank of India

Bandra East Branch

Mumbai – 400051

Subject: Request for Cheque Book

Respected Sir/Ma’am,

I hold a premium account with the account number 05640xxxxxxxx4569 at your bank. I am in urgent need of a cheque book to make payments to some of my third party vendors who are demanding pay by cheque only. I have to make the payments latest by the 7th of January, 2022.

I request you to kindly understand my situation and issue me a cheque book of 50 leaves at the earliest. I have enclosed herewith a self-attested copy of my PAN card and my Aadhaar card as proof for your reference.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Signature of the account holder


Application for New Cheque Book

Flat No. 152, Golden Flats

Ambattur O T

Chennai – 600053

January 3, 2022

The Bank Manager

Union Branch of India

Ambattur Branch

Chennai – 600053

Subject: Application for New Cheque Book

Respected Sir/Ma’am,

I hold a savings account at your bank with the account number 35480xxxxxxxx1256. I require a new cheque book to submit as a supporting document to apply for my vehicle loan. I have been asked to submit it by January 9, 2022.

I have attached along with this letter my address and identification proof for your kind perusal. I request you to kindly provide me with a cheque book as soon as possible so that the process of verification can be initiated.

Thank you


Signature of the account holder


Attached documents:

Address proof: Self-attested copy of Aadhaar card

Identity proof: Self-attested copy of PAN card

Frequently Asked Questions on Cheque Book Request Letter

How do I request a cheque book?

You can approach the bank in person or write a letter to your bank requesting the issue of a new cheque book. When you write a cheque book request letter, ensure that you mention the number of cheque leaves you require, and also the reason why you require a new cheque book.

What is a cheque book?

A cheque book is a book that contains 25 -100 cheques that can be used to make huge payments. A cheque allows the bank to provide the beneficiary with the said amount when the cheque is submitted to the bank with appropriate proof.

Why do I require a cheque book?

Cheque books are useful to make payments. There are some parties who insist on receiving payment by cheque only. Payments by cheque are considered to be safer and preferred by many people, so it is advisable to have a cheque book and make good use of it.

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