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Still, thinking about what to include in your speech? How to make your speech stand apart from others? This article will help you to give a proper speech on social media. Social media is considered to be both a blessing and a curse. Let’s see how social media plays a role in inspiring and motivating people as well as demotivating and distracting people. The following points will be covered in the article.

What Do You Mean by Social Media?

We all have heard about the term social media and are quite familiar with it. But what does the term social media mean? Social media is one of the forms of electronic communication. Social media allows one to share information, opinions, ideas and many other things and also to create one. Be it Facebook or Twitter or WhatsApp or Instagram, all these and many others are examples of social media. Now there are two different views about social media. One group of people think that social media has a bad influence on people, whereas the other thinks that social media has a lot of positive outcomes. A good speech on social media will cover both aspects.

Advantages of Social Media

Those who vouch for social media, these are the reasons why they do so:

  • It is through social media that one develops a large audience. If someone is all set to open a page on social media to promote their art, business or work, they can reach a large number of people. The more audience one can collect, the better they can promote and expand their customer base.
  • Social media has a major role in connecting people. People who live far away from their families or friends who have grown apart with time can get connected to one another. With social media, the distance decreases between people.
  • It is through social media that news or events travel from one place to another. News reaches us faster through social media.

Disadvantages of Social Media

Apart from acting as a boon social media has dark sides too. Let’s have a look at those disadvantages to avoid the webs in social media.

  • In social media, as most of our personal information is present, there remains a high chance of hackers using that information for their own benefit. You might have often heard about hackers hacking into various websites and demanding ransom in return.
  • Since in social media, most people can post whatever they want to, other people on social media come to learn about their lives. As a result, often, perverts or stalkers disturb people through social media and become obsessed with them.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Speech on Social Media

Give a few examples of social media?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, LinkedIn are some of the examples of social media.

Does social media have both pros and cons?

Of course, just like two faces of a coin, social media too, has both pros and cons.

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