Simple Present Tense Exercises

Tenses play an integral role in developing the basics of English Grammar in children. Having a proper understanding of tenses helps children to form grammatically correct sentences. If the students have a clear idea of tenses, it will help them to express the time of the action effortlessly. But to be fluent with tenses, one needs to practise a lot of exercises.

If you are looking for simple present tense exercises, then your search ends here with BYJU’S. We at BYJU’S make sure that you get exercises related to the specific topic you are looking for. Our team has worked diligently to bring the best simple present tense exercises for students of all classes. These exercises are designed as per the new patterns that are asked in schools.

Simple Tenses Exercises

Tenses are mainly divided into three major categories depending on the time of the action/event, i.e. present, past and future tense. The following exercises will help you deal with simple present tense exercises. Practising these exercises will allow students to have a proper understanding of simple present tense.

Fill in the Blanks with Correct Simple Present Tenses.

  1. The Principal ____ to speak to Raj. (want)
  2. The Earth ____ round the Sun. (revolve)
  3. The baby ___ all day. (cry)
  4. The flight ____ at 8 o’clock in the morning. (leave)
  5. What ____ so good? (smell)
  6. Hema ___ badminton every evening. (play)
  7. Tony ___ to guitar lessons every Sunday. (go)
  8. If it ___ today, we will get stuck. (rain)
  9. The nurse ____ of my grandfather. (take care)
  10. There ___ the topper of our school. (come)
  11. I ___ up at 7:00 a.m. every day. (get)
  12. Amy rarely ___ her room. (leave)
  13. Cows ___ us milk. (give)
  14. My granny ___ delicious lasagne. (cook)
  15. The birds ___ all day long. (chirp)
  16. The boys ___ hard to get good grades. (study)
  17. The teacher ____ the parents today. (meet)
  18. The movie ____ within a few minutes. (resume)
  19. The fluffy clouds ___ around. (fly)
  20. The dogs ___ at night. (bark)

Answers –

  1. Wants
  2. Revolves
  3. Cries
  4. Leaves
  5. Smells
  6. Plays
  7. Goes
  8. Rains
  9. Takes care
  10. Comes
  11. Get
  12. Leaves
  13. Give
  14. Cooks
  15. Chirp
  16. Study
  17. Meets
  18. Resumes
  19. Fly
  20. Bark

Simple Present Tense Exercises with Answers

The main problem with other exercises is that there is no solution provided for the questions. That makes it difficult for the students to check whether their answers are correct or not. But with BYJU’S, children can easily check what they have written as we have come up with simple present tense exercises with answers. With BYJU’S, you don’t have to worry about How to Learn English.

Identify and Change into Simple Present Tense

Go through the given passage and change the given tenses into the simple present tense.

Sam’s mother got up at 6 o’clock in the morning. After that, she got fresh and took a shower. Then she prepared breakfast for all of them. She worked very hard to sustain the family. Every day she went down to the market and sold fruits and vegetables. This way, she earned money for the family and sent her children to school.

Answers –

Sam’s mother gets up at 6 o’clock in the morning. After that, she gets fresh and takes a shower. Then she prepares breakfast for all of them. She works very hard to sustain the family. Every day she goes down to the market and sells fruits and vegetables. This way, she earns money for the family and sends her children to school.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is a simple present tense used?

The simple present tense is used to express general truths, habits or even quotations from any text.

Are the present simple exercises provided by BYJU’S free?

Yes, the exercises on simple present tenses provided by BYJU’S are free for all students of various classes.

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