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There may be multiple reasons to write a leave application or a leave letter. A leave letter can be written by a student to the principal, an employee to the manager or HR, a teacher to the principal, a student to the hostel warden, etc. When you want to take leave. you will have to seek permission from your higher authority. Learn what a leave letter is, its format and how to write by going through the article.

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What Is a Leave Letter?

A leave letter is a type of formal letter which is written to take permission for absence. It is a formal way of seeking permission for a break or leave from your workplace. Taking leave without any intimation might end up being a trouble for both you and your colleagues.

Leave letters have always been part of our life since our childhood, though the purposes have often changed. It is a healthy gesture to keep your manager or lead informed about your leaves so that productivity is not lost and work can be equally distributed. As far as the child is a young student, the parent or the guardian will have to write a letter to keep their class teacher informed about their absence.

Reasons for Applying for Leave

There may be multiple reasons for taking leave. While writing a leave letter, it is very essential to mention the reason behind the leave request, irrespective of whether you are working or studying. Reasons of absence can vary. Some of them can be:

  • Death of a close family member
  • Illness or any other medical needs
  • Taking rest or recovery from illness
  • A marriage function, birthday, anniversary, or any other family functions
  • Travelling with family or friends

Kinds of Leave Letter

When you work in an organisation, you will find there are various types of leaves such as casual leave, earned leave, sick leave, etc. Read below to know a few types of leaves available and what the purposes behind them are.

  • Sick leave: When a person or their child is sick and they want to take a break for one or a few more days.
  • Casual leave: Being an employee of an organisation, you might get a few casual leaves that can be availed of anytime by the employee. You can take a casual leave, and write an official leave application for personal work to your boss.
  • Maternity or paternity leave: When you have a newborn baby or you are pregnant and your delivery date is close, you can take a maternity leave.The father can take paternity leave following his wife’s delivery..

Other than these, there are many leaves like one-day leave, half-day leave, etc. Other than employees, students can take various leaves by writing leave applications to their class teachers or the principal.

Format of a Leave Letter

Before referring to the samples, you can check the format of writing a leave letter

  • From Address
  • Date
  • To Address
  • Subject
  • Salutation
  • Body of the letter
  • Complimentary close

Samples of Writing a Leave Letter

Below in this article, we have provided links to various samples for writing a leave letter. You can refer to the formats mentioned below before you write a leave letter.

Leave Letter Format for Sick Leave

Asmit Sahu

75 Kamalam, 1st Main Road

Mahadevpura, Bangalore

3rd March, 2022


Sujay Ladawa

Content Manager

Max Solutions

Outer Ring Road

Mahadevpura, Bangalore


Sub: Request for 15 days leave


Dear Sujay,

I am Asmit Sahu, working as a Software Engineer with employee ID – RPE098. I would like to inform you that I have been tested positive for Covid-19, and my symptoms are getting severe. I had to consult the doctor as my oxygen levels were fluctuating. The doctor has advised that it is best to be admitted to the hospital for a few days and so I request you to kindly grant me sick leave for 15 days (4th March, 2022 till 18th March, 2022). I shall be grateful to you for the same.

I am attaching the covid test reports and the doctor’s certificate along with this letter for your reference.




Employee ID: RPE098

Software Engineer


  • Covid test report
  • Medical reports
  • Doctor’s certificate

For a better understanding of the format of different types of leave letters, you can refer to the samples provided below:

Frequently Asked Questions on Leave Letter


How to write a leave letter to the Principal for my child’s sickness?

Being a parent, you can write a leave letter to the Principal of the school stating your child’s sickness. Do provide the medical report for the same for better clarification. Provide all the details like the sender’s address, receiver’s address, proper salutation, and the body, in addition to mentioning the reasons behind the leave.


Why is a leave letter important?

A leave letter is important for a child and also for an employee because it is a formal way of seeking permission from your head to take leave. It will keep the teacher/manager/peers informed about your absence and also facilitate the flow of work and the completion of urgent tasks, if any.


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